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Top 3 Tips for Getting Picture-Perfect Hair

With winter in full swing, there's an abundance of photo opportunities. Whether it’s a quick holiday happy hour or full-blown New Year's Eve revelry, it’s a prime time of year for formal and informal photos sessions. Are you and your family and friends photo-ready for the season?
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1. Plan ahead

The first tip: Don’t get hair cut the day of an event, or even the day before. Why? Because it will look like you just got your hair cut. Waiting a couple days—even a full week—before the event or photo session will allow your new look to relax and fall more naturally. Plus you’ll get time to familiarize yourself with styling it. This is especially helpful if you made a big change from your previous haircut.

2. Be timeless

When it comes to picking a hairstyle, you can’t go wrong with a classic, traditional cut. An out-there look will date you and could be a bit of an embarrassment in 10 years when styles have evolved (think beehive, waterfall bangs, and the pop-culture-phenomenon mullet). For boys and men, consider an inch or two of length on top, and tapered down on the sides. It’s just the thing to give you a timeless, well-groomed look. Girls and women can’t go wrong with a cut that includes a face-framing shape. Think a bob, lob, or longer length that’s lightly layered.

Hair model with wavy hair

3. Trust the professionals

Have your stylist talk you through creating a photo-worthy look. The moments after your haircut is complete is the perfect opportunity to figure out how you’re going to pull it off when you don’t have the luxury of a professional at your side. Speaking of professional, also ask about the professional styling products and tools needed to recreate the look.

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