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Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get a Haircut You'll Love

Communication is essential to getting a hairstyle that makes you happy. Before you get to the salon, spend some time thinking about what you want. While you might know “I want a lob,” there are three important questions to ask yourself before sitting in the stylist’s chair.
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Hair model with blonde hair

Whose hair do I love?

When you’re watching movies or TV, reading magazines or browsing the Internet, what hairstyles stand out to you? Find and save photos that show off the look you love, and bring them to your stylist. Visual examples of what you admire give your stylist a clear sense of the look that you want. And if your ideal style is longer than your hair is right now, you can create a long-term plan for growing it out and achieving the look. The Signature Style hairstyle gallery features a variety of popular looks for you to consider.

Hair model with a partial ponytail

What are my limits and needs?

Talk to your stylist about what you think is too short or long, not layered enough or too layered, or any other concern or need you have. If you like having your hair off your face, mention it. If you like putting your hair in a ponytail at the gym, your stylist will know to leave enough length for that. Don’t hold back describing your worries and desires, it helps your stylist better understand what will make you happy.

Hair products

What’s my daily styling routine?

It’s important to talk about your everyday hair styling routine so that your stylist can create a look that will fit within your maintenance level. Tell your stylist how much time you usually spend styling your hair, and how many products and styling tools you have. If you don’t like spending a lot of time styling, you will not like having a hairstyle that requires using several products, styling tools and time. You’ll be much happier with your new hairstyle if its care fits within your routine.

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