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Must-Have Summer Products for Men and Women

Ladies and gentlemen, summer has arrived. Time for lakefront lounging, laid-back family cookouts, and sun-drenched trips to the ballgame. Whether spent in a pony, pinned up, or packed under a cap, our hair needs a little extra loving this time of year. Fill your days with surf, sun, and plenty of fun without putting the heat on your hair with these must-have products.


Forecast: Clear skies, clearer strands

Let’s face it. Summer can be rough on your locks. Buildup from pool chemicals, campfire smoke, lake muck, and skipped showers aren’t doing your hair any favors. The good news? Discoloration and buildup can be a quick fix with the right shampoo. Strip off layers of summer grime with a clarifying shampoo like DESIGNLINE Clarify Shampoo once a week to bring back your hair’s luster and bounce. This clean, impurity-free formula fights buildup, polishes strands, and leaves hair with a refreshing, weightless feel. For best results, follow up with an invigorating conditioning treatment like DESIGNLINE Tea Tree Conditioner to refresh the scalp and leave your skin with an energized, tingly feel. If you get hooked on the soothing coolness, try alternating your clarifying shampoo with DESIGNLINE Tea Tree Shampoo, and follow up with the conditioner for the ultimate way to cool down after a day in the sun.

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Get beach waves, not heat waves

Hiking and swimming, lounging and grilling, we hope you’re making the most of your time in the sun. Most outdoor activities are fun and free; however, gratis or not, these fun, outdoor activities charge tax on your hair. PSA: UV rays harm skin and hair. Mr. Golden Sun’s light dries and damages strands, even on overcast days. Treat tresses with care—protect your hair with a light, leave-in spray conditioner with SPF for weightless moisture and added protection. Want to be extra kind to your locks? Double up on protection with a cool summer hat for double the protection (and Instagram-able style).


If not the heat, it’s the humidity

In areas where humidity is high, hairstyle havoc certainly follows. All hair types suffer. Fine hair lays limp and lifeless; curls expand to mammoth proportions. Luckily, we have your solutions. Fine-haired ladies and gentlemen have it easy: simply apply Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam at the scalp area to prevent strands from surrendering to humidity. Guys and girls with natural curls? The stakes are higher—humidity could mean a frizz-fraught disaster. The general rule? The wetter the air, the bigger—and frizzier—the hair. Use an anti-humidity styling product like Redken Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force to help protect against unwanted fluff and fuzz.


Fine and curly alike, flyaways dampen everyone’s day—finish with a humidity-resistant spray for added control and shine.


But sometimes we need H2O

If you’re summering in a place with dry air and wayward hair, add some moisture to the mix. For fine hair, a lightweight leave-in conditioner like Redken One United or Sexy Hair So You Want It All will give you frizz-free control and lustrous, bouncy shine. Curly, wavy, and frizzy-haired people should consider products like Biolage Hydrasource Conditioning Balm or Redken All Soft Heavy Cream for a bit of extra moisture to keep their locks' soft, manageable shine.


No matter your style, no matter the place, your favorite stylists have your back. Pop into a Signature Style salon for new a summer 'do, and pick up the professional products you need to keep your hair happy and healthy all summer long.


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