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Foilyage, Explained: In-Depth Details
on Your New Favorite Color Trend

So you’re familiar with foils. You’ve dabbled in balayage. You even had an ombré. But now there’s a new color trend you're going to want to try. Meet: “foilyage.” And here's why it might just be your new favorite hair coloring technique.


Defining the fashion

First things first: making sense of the style. Foilyage is the latest highlighting technique, specifically designed to be applied on dark colors – looking at you, brunettes – to lighten the shade in a way that looks sun-kissed and natural.


Like the hybrid name, the foilyage process is achieved through a combination of balayage and foils – part blended brush-painting, part color-concentrating power. The foils serve to keep strands isolated, contained, and controlled during color alteration, offering the chosen color or highlighter more time to work its magic for a bold, dramatic result.


The lesser understood component of the treatment is the balayage technique, where the color or lightener is painted on the hair in a sweeping motion. This results in a seamless, flowing, naturally variegated transition of colors, exhibiting a graceful color progression, rather than harsh lines against the roots. Because of the slightly shifted positioning, this treatment seamlessly blends with your natural roots, offering a less noticeable point of origin, and even less demarcation when eventually grown out.

Hair with foilyage highlights
Subtle, sun-kissed color is one of the trademarks of foilyage...
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Foilyage highlighted hair
...though foilyage can also help you achieve more noticeable, dramatic color results.


The best of both worlds

Today bold and natural looks are dominating the fashion world, and it's easy to see why foilyage fits right into this trend. The bold contrast from foil work combined with the natural progression from balayage truly makes this technique the best of both worlds. The result? Modern, striking results that grow out gorgeously.


Test the look, see the hype

Now that you’re armed with foilyage knowledge, it’s time to see what all the hype is about for yourself. Whether you’re looking for super-striking contrast or some sun-kissed summer color, your Signature Style stylist can help you find a foilyage look that works for you.


Have a specific look in mind? Be sure to bring in inspiration photos to show your stylist exactly the color effect you’re after—like one of the beautiful foilyage examples featured in this story. They're both real-life examples from our Signature Style salons. 

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