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Fixer Upper: Repairing Summer Hair Damage

Backyard bonfires, poolside parties, and hot, sunny days on the water can leave your soul revived—and your hair a bit compromised. Rest assured, restoration is possible with the proper tools and a little extra TLC. Here’s how to fix up your summer-damaged mane with an easy, three-step conditioning process.
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Step 1. Start Fresh

Like any restoration project, a clean slate is the best place to start. For housing, that might mean stripping rooms down to the studs, for hair, it’s damage from sun and fun. You’ll want to kick off the process by peeling off summer buildup; however, to avoid causing damage, you’ll need proper tools. If you’re adept at DIY, pick up a professional-grade clarifying shampoo, like DESIGNLINE Clarify Shampoo, to remove surface impurities without harshly stripping the hair of its natural luster.


Sometimes the at-home formula is all you need, but major damage may call for a specialist. If your strands are wracked with discoloration and buildup, ask your stylist for a deep-cleansing Malibu Makeover Treatment to restore your hair to salon-grade shine. This luxe treatment rids strands of all sorts of "summer souvenirs," from salty seawater to chlorine cocktails, gently lifting hair of all smoke, soot, sand and muck this summer threw your way, and revealing your hair's bright, natural shine.

Step 2: Restoration Time

Once clean, clear, and feeling fresh, it’s time for a reconstruct your strands’ softness and strength. A deep conditioning mask like Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Hair Mask might be just what the stylist ordered. The restorative formula seeps into cuticles to hydrate strands to their very core, preventing breakage while curing dryness and frizz. A fantastic option for at-home use, simply apply the product generously to clean, damp hair. For best results, let it work its moisturizing magic for about ten minutes before rinsing and following with your daily conditioner.


Need even more help managing your mane? Leave it to the professionals. Ask your stylist to mix up a custom rejuvenating cocktail, just for you. A personalized, in-salon treatment can address all your problem areas with extra care, mixing a one-of-a-kind blend of hydration agents and protein to find the perfect moisture ratio for your hair’s unique needs—simply ask for the Redken Chemistry Treatment at your next salon visit.

Step 3: Move-In Ready

Like any great fixer upper, once the structure is solid, the finishing details can bring it all together. Ensure your efforts are maximized by finishing the job with a great daily conditioner. Unlike a deep conditioning treatment, a daily conditioner works on the surface of the strands, smoothing and strengthening the upper-most cuticles to help lock in all of the moisture from the deep treatments, while adding plenty of extra protection and shine. Whether you're looking for hydration, volume, frizz-control, or color care, there are formulas out there to answer your hair needs. Ask your stylist to walk you through the benefits of each and recommend a professional daily conditioner for you.  


For more tips and tricks on fixing up your summer hair, head into a Signature Style salon and consult one of our talented stylists for custom care ideas, product recommendations, and more. 

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