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Winterize Your Hair: Updating Hair Habits for Colder Weather

Worried about winter weather wrecking your hair game? We can’t say we blame you. Flipping between frigid outdoor temperatures and arid indoor heat can present a heap of hair problems—just in time for the holidays. Lucky for you, there are a few tricks to help stop winter hair damage before it starts.


When temperatures drop, moisture is the first to go

To get ahead of hair damage, take a preemptive approach by incorporating moisture into your haircare routine now. Pick up a quick-and-easy hydrating product like Redken One United 25—when you win the battle against brittle ends and breakage, you’ll thank us. It’s an easy-to-use mist with 25 amazing benefits—anti-frizz, smoothing, hydration, color protection, and detangling, to name just a few. Pick up this multi-use miracle spray at one of our salons today. Pro tip: If your hair is extra thick, coarse or unruly, opt for a more targeted, intense moisturizer. Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator is a perfect one to check out.


Shampooing a bit less often can help avoid an itchy, flaky scalp

Speaking of multi-use miracle products, let’s talk dry shampoos. There’s a reason they’re so popular—they offer multiple benefits in one crazy-convenient package. They can offset odors, minimize scalp oils, combat static, add noticeable volume, and extend a hairstyle for hours—even days. Plus, less shampooing and blow drying means less dryness, flaking, and potential hair damage. Give Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo a try. This talc-free, clay- and mineral-based product comes with a gentle-mist applicator to evenly coat your hair with oil- and odor-absorbing powder. It’s fantastic for styling and volumizing freshly-washed hair, or even reworking your styles for day two (even three)!


One secret to frizz-free winter strands? Serums

Serums can help kiss static, frizz, and flyaways goodbye. For fine hair, control wayward strands with a weightless product like DESIGNLINE Silk Drops—it’ll keep your hair looking light and breezy while adding moisturizing protection and ample shine. For medium to coarse hair, consider Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum—a more heavy-duty approach to moisture, control, and shine.


Time to switch out your shower products

Like trading summer sandals for winter boots, shampoos and conditioners should be swapped to fill the needs in your climate. For dry winter air, choose a suitable hydrating shampoo and conditioner that works for your area. Shower products vary greatly in range, from lightweight moisture to intense, enriching saturation, so ask your stylist to analyze your hair needs and select your best options.


Model with air-dried hair
Making sure you're using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair—and climate—is more important than ever in winter.

Bright white blonde is for summertime—go balayage or go dark

The only thing that fries hair worse than dry weather and hot tool heat? Platinum-blonde bleaching. Don’t get us wrong, we are all for the look, but reckless overprocessing can be a nightmare in winter. During the cold-weather season, opt for something darker, or blend your roots with a balayage to give your hair a break in this risky season. While you’re at it, treat your locks to a deep conditioning treatment and shine service to help protect their strength and restore moisture and shine.


Even in colder weather, heat protection is key

Okay, two things about heat. One, stay out of hot water. You may want to balance out colder weather with scalding hot showers, but your hair is gonna hate it. Warm or lukewarm rinsing is the way to go to keep it from drying out or fading your color. If you think you can cut it, buckle up and embrace an icy rinse to lock down your pigment and seal in the moisture. Two, hot tool heat is still public hair enemy #1, so don’t forget to always apply a thermal spray like Kenra Thermal Spray 19 before picking up that iron.


It's easy to think of winter as “bad hair season.” And trust us—it can be, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right products, techniques, and timing, you can winterize your mane without skipping a beat, but we suggest you start now. Get ahead of bad hair days today with a quick trip to one of our salons. We have all the products and services you need to keep your locks looking smooth through the holidays and beyond.

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