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When to Cut Your Hair Before a Special Event

Take a look at your calendar: Are there a few high-pressure events—especially those that will be well-documented on social media—coming up? Maybe a holiday or New Year’s Eve party? Or a special Valentine’s Day plan or a spring break trip? Maybe it’s your best friend’s wedding this spring? Whatever your event, it’s imperative that you plan your hair styling strategy accordingly.


So I really need a plan?

In a word: yes. A few weeks before the big day, think about what you want from your next salon visit. Do you plan to ask for 'just a trim' or something bold and new? Do you have a stylist who knows you by name, or are you trying someone with stellar reviews? If you have an established stylist—one you've known for years—who you can count on to squeeze you into their schedule last-minute, procrastination may not be the worst thing in the world; however, it's still best to skirt stress and play it safe by planning your visit ahead of the game. To help you avoid any regrets, check out these additional tips to avoid special event haircut stress.


So how far ahead should you get your hair cut for an event?

The short answer? Two weeks—but it really depends. If you plan to keep your same style and color, two weeks before an event is a comfortable, stress-free zone. If you're looking to switch things up, however, we recommend erring on the side of caution. Four weeks is plenty of time to get used to a new style—adjusting your routine and personalizing details to make it yours—plus, it gives you a chance for 'fix-it' visit if you're feeling any regrets. Don’t wait until the day before your event to try something new—chances are, that’s when things will go wrong.


But what if I'm not really a "plan-ahead" kind of person?

Not a big fan of schedules? Prefer to pop in when things are convenient? Take advantage of walk-in opportunities. Ask for a stylist with the most experience in the style you’re comfortable with, and don't be afraid to bring in pictures and talk them through exactly what you want. Oh, and ask questions. Any professional stylist will be happy to walk you through a plan for your hair, offering intelligent suggestions along the way, to ensure that you hop out of their chair feeling stylish and 'heard.' Still, don't wait until the day before an event to walk in for a cut—give yourself a 3-4-week buffer (at least) for all the reasons outlined above.

Blonde pixie hair
Cutting your hair a week or two before the event will help you avoid stress—and the shape of the style will still be in fine form for the big day. 


What if I want to turn all the heads?

If you’re considering a more dramatic entrance (like a new color or texture service) plan your salon visit 4-6 weeks before your event. A dramatic change will certainly be a conversation starter, but you want the conversation to be positive. In the meantime, follow your stylist's recommendations and plan a follow-up visit before the event to refresh your new look and pick up the products you need to keep looking fab.


Whether you're looking for a tiny trim or a total transformation, skirt the stress and give your hair ample time to prepare before your big day. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

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