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Time-Saving Tips and Techniques

It seems that time comes at a premium these days. Work, life, and family balance is tough to achieve with only 24 hours in a day. Finding a few extra minutes to yourself can be a tall order for professionals and parents alike; however, with these time-saving styling techniques, you can carve out a little extra “me time” in your morning routine—or get out the door on-time—without sacrificing style.


Preparation is key

This one may seem obvious, but a bit of simple planning can save you time and make your morning run smoother. For example, shampooing and drying hair every day—it’s more of a social norm than a hygiene necessity. Actually, daily shampooing and drying can do more to deteriorate your mane than manage it. Instead of wasting time (and potentially damaging your strands), shampoo your hair every other evening, apply a leave-in conditioner like DESIGNLINE Triple Effect, and leave to dry overnight. This cuts down on heat damage from drying/styling and saves valuable time you could be using on other parts of your morning routine.


Dry shampoo is your friend

There’s nothing that day-two hair needs that dry shampoo can’t achieve. If some styling control is necessary, spray some aerosol powder on your roots to help (bonus: it’s a total volume boost, too). Today’s dry shampoos cover multiple tasks in a single product. They refresh the hair and scalp, eliminating odors from your scalp’s natural oils, food aromas, and even cigarette smoke. They also work to absorb your scalp’s oils to rid your hair of that oily, ‘unwashed’ look. Oh, and did we mention it’s serious restyling power? If you really need some serious rearranging or control, you can dampen your hands and manipulate strands with your fingers rather than re-wetting, re-washing, and repeating. Once finished, just use a blow-dryer to lock or dry hair in the position you desire. We have loads of dry shampoos in our arsenal, but if you’re new to the product, try Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo.


Styling in your sleep

Fall asleep to your ocean sound simulator and wake up to beachy waves in your hair—sound good too good to be true? It isn’t. Simply prep your hair with an aerosol styling spray like Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Boomerang Restyling Mist and braid it how you like. Hint: French braids give uniform waves; single braids wave just the ends. While you’re catching up on your Zzz’s, your body heat will activate the styling spray, reshaping your hair into soft waves from the braids. In the morning gently remove your plaits, smooth with your fingers, and finish with a quick spritz of anti-frizz spray before heading out the door.

Model with air-dried hair
Turn night-before braids into next-day waves as an easy, time-saving way to cut down on your morning styling time.


When in doubt, deck it out

Super short of time? Out of dry shampoo? Accessories to the rescue. Hats, headbands, and loosely-tied scarves are not only a great way to cover up day-two roots, but also amp up your outfit a notch. Scarves and headbands add color and interest to buns and ponytails, allowing day-two hair to look runway-fashionable. Decorative combs, clips, and pins work great too, doubling down to secure strands and add intrigue to your style. Translation: modern updo vibes; zero need for shampoo and extra styling time.


Whatever the morning throws your way, there are always ways to cut corners and still look great. Talk to your stylist about your daily routine to find the right cut and products for your on-the-go lifestyle.

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