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Summer Color and Maintenance

As summer rolls around, so does the desire to lighten up your hair with some fresh color. While traditional highlights always look nice, there are a couple of other color trends this season that will give your summer look something extra special.

Balayage is a very popular color technique right now. And for good reason—this color trend is easy to pull off since it offers a very natural, sun-kissed look. These hand-painted highlights that sweep vertically from roots to ends require minimal maintenance and are suitable for every budget.

When it comes to balayage, brunettes should go for colors like caramel, gold, and copper. Having these colors placed perfectly around your face, or through the ends of the hair, will bring out the warmth in your cheeks. For reds and blondes, your most flattering colors are butterscotch, vanilla, copper, and platinum. Your stylist will be able to help you decide exactly which shade will work best with your hair color and skin tone.

Looking for color with a bit more boldness? Perhaps it’s time to give ombre or sombre a try. Both of these color techniques involve coloring that fades from dark at the roots to light at the ends. The difference is simply how dramatic of a fade it is—ombre has a more extreme look (say, dark brown roots fading to very light blonde at the ends), while sombre offers a more subtle fade. The result is a very bohemian, trend-forward look.

The best part about any of these color techniques? They don’t require significant upkeep. Since there isn’t much coloring at the roots you won’t have a growth line, so less in-salon maintenance is required than traditional highlights.

However, there are some products that will help in extending the life of your color. Make sure you use color-care shampoo and styling products with UV and heat protection during your morning routine. Compliment that with a weekly deep conditioning treatment to create shine and softness. With these additions to your hair-care routine, you can keep your color looking beautiful all summer long.

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