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Say Hello to Tousled and Ungroomed Texture

Carefree, low-maintenance, and almost messy, say “hello” to tousled and ungroomed texture. There’s no way to ignore the booming trend of highly textured hair styles for men and women. If you like these casual looks, learn how to make it work for you.

It’s all about the layers

Tousled texture looks are not haircuts exactly, they're more of a finished style created with hair products. Which means if you have any layering—at any length—it can be styled to have a messy, texturized look that only looks effortless. But if your hair is all one length, and you’re not ready for a major change, talk with your stylist about long layers. By removing the flat, blunt ends with soft, long layers, it can be styled to look texturized without losing the length or making a long-term commitment of a new cut.


Make it your own

There is no one right way to create this carefree look. Pick a length, have it layered to work for your face shape and lifestyle, then decide how much “tousle” to create. Whether slightly wind-blown or a sultry bed-head style for women or an effortless lived-in look for the guys, your stylist can help you decide which level of texture is best for you.

Hair model with blonde texture
Virtually any hairstyle with layers can become a tousled look with the right products.

Man with beard and ungroomed texture hair
It's easy to see why the casual, unfussy look of ungroomed texture styles have been such a hit with men.

Product is key

This style only looks effortless. In reality, it takes some time, energy, and product to make it come to life. Begin by applying a gel like DESIGNLINE Volumizing Gel to damp hair to get control and volume, then blow dry. To make texture magic happen, choose a product like DESIGNLINE Texture Tousle Flexible Finisher and Spray or DESIGNLINE for Men Definition Paste that gives separation and definition. Less is more with this style, so start with half the recommended amount of product and apply more as needed. Work it into your hair with your fingers, scrunching, massaging and lifting hair away from the roots for separation, volume, and fullness. Once you’re happy with the result, apply a flexible hold product, like Kenra Dry Texture Spray 6, that are made for full, textured styles.


For a fresh take on finger-styled texture, talk with your stylist about the length and layers that would work best for you.

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