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Resolve to Solve These Common Hair Problems

The first month of the New Year may be coming to a close, but it’s not too late to make your resolutions. Stuck on what to do? We’re here to help. Resolve to solve these common hair problems with the following products and tips.


Problem: Damaged Hair & Dull Color
Resolution: Regular Salon Visits + Weekly At-Home Treatments

From wild weather conditions to everyday styling, there are many factors that can affect your hair color. As time goes on, these factors tend to dull your hue. To keep your strands looking fresh (and fabulous), it’s important to keep up with regular visits to your stylist, especially with color-treated hair. From shade correction to shine services, our professionally-trained stylists are happy to analyze and create a customized treatment for you to restore your hair’s health and renew your hue.

Color treatments are an investment, so be sure to make the most of it by following up with the right care at home. Apply a treatment at least once per week (or more, if required) with a professional product like Redken Color Extend Magnetics Mega Mask to extend the life of your color and make it truly shine.


Problem: Heat Damage & Dryness
Resolution: More Heat-Free Styling + Regular Moisturizing Routine
Take a second to run your fingers through your hair—does it feel soft like ribbons or a bit like straw? There are many factors that can dry out your hair, and even more remedies to help solve the problem. Harsh shampoos, heat styling, and arid weather are all possible culprits, but you can reverse the damage with the right products and care. Ask your stylist to recommend the best treatment for you. They might suggest a product like Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner to soften your strands, restore hydration, and make your hair shiny and manageable again.


Problem: Frizz & Fly-Aways
Resolution: More Malibu Treatments + Professional Products 
Like every good thing in life, gorgeous hair requires balance. Even a slight change in moisture and keratin levels can cause hair to act up, leading to uncontrolled tresses. Ask your stylist to analyze your hair and formulate a solution to keep your strands smooth and under control. Regular Malibu treatments could go a long way, but lasting results require extra care at home. For best results, follow up with a frizz-fighting shampoo and conditioner to shield your hair from humidity—the leading cause of frizz. For added protection, apply an anti-humidity product like DESIGNLINE Texture Balance Frizz Primer before blow-drying to lock helpful moisture in and harmful humidity out. The final look: a frizz-free mane with extra shine.

Redken All Soft Shampoo
Fight dry, brittle hair with a moisture-rich shampoo, like Redken All Soft.


Don’t let winter hair woes get you down. With a few recommendations from your stylistand the right at-home professional productsyou can leave these problems in the past and step into the rest of the new year in style.

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