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Pool’s in Session: Lessons in Hair Protection

Let's face it: If it's summer, it’s a perfectly tempting day to lay out by the pool. There is, however, a downside to this dream. First, there’s the obvious malfeasant: pool water. It can siphon moisture from your mane, leaving dry, brittle strands. Then there are the less obvious offenders that, while often overlooked, are equally damaging—like devious UV rays that break down our strands’ pigments and split the ends. These sinister realities may have you wondering how you might have your splash and great hair, too. Just sit back, relax, and follow these tips—we’ll fill you in.


Mr. Sun? Not so fun.

Just so we’re all up to speed: UV rays wreak havoc on hair. Protect your strands as you would your skin. Want your strands to shimmer in the sunshine? Consider some sunscreen—no, we don’t mean that little SPF 15 bottle you bought in the airport snack shop over spring break. Try a professional hair product with SPF and coconut oil. Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal Anti-Frizz and Shine Spray will do the trick—it adds shimmer, reflects UV light, and smells a million times better than that spring break bottle.


Another way to protect your tresses: accessories. They're great for Instagram, better for your mane. Liven up your poolside look with a dramatic hat, chic scarf, or boho bandana for added protection and undeniable style.  


Product + pool water: A chemical cocktail

Let’s be honest, the idea of splashing around in the water while dramatically flipping your hair back like a mermaid is simply too perfect a picture to pass up. As much as you want to keep your hair looking pristine, that crystal-clear water is calling your name.

Hair model with blonde hair and summer hat
A good summer hat doesn't just look perfect on IG; it also helps protect your hair from sun damage.
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It’s okay, take the plunge, but before you do, save your strands from chemical saturation—and subsequent destruction—with a quick conditioning rinse. Take a swift poolside shower, cleanse hair in the bathroom, or mist with a spray bottle and follow with a leave-in conditioner like DESIGNLINE Ultimate Radiance Leave-In Conditioner. The rinse will cleanse hair of remaining products and chemicals, and the conditioner will subtly coat the strands, providing silky shine while preventing chlorine from permeating the cuticles—crisis averted.


Rinse, restore, repeat

Once completely drenched, happy, and beginning to prune, head straight to the showers and rinse with clean water. While you’re at it, shampoo and condition your waves in there, too. It’s important to flush your locks of pool water as soon as possible to prevent its chemicals from dehydrating and damaging the strands. If you plan to be in the water a lot this summer—whether it’s chlorine, sea salt, or some lake life—you’re going to accumulate a fair amount of buildup. Consider a clarifying service like the Malibu Makeover Treatment to keep your healthy, summer shine. This non-chemical, 100% natural detoxifying treatment gently strips strands of residue while infusing vital nutrients to restore your hair’s healthy luster, leaving behind a weightless feel, and natural, sun-kissed shine.


For even more lessons on looking cool beside the pool, visit your local Signature Style salon stylist. School may be out, but our beauty experts are always in for providing custom tips and tricks to ensure your hair makes a splash this summer, and looks good doing it. So what are you waiting for? Dive on in!

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