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Pack This, Not That: Styling Tips for Spring and Summer Travel

Spring for the convertible at the rental desk. Map your route straight to the beach and ride the waves (or just relax) 'til sunset. Or make plans to get out of town of the weekend. Bike and hike and sit around the campfire 'til dawn. It’s spring and summer travel time, baby—let your hair down (and look flawless doing it). We’ve got the tips and tools you need to maintain your mane all week or weekend long, so bring on the sun, sand, and nature, and leave your stress (and hot tools) behind.


Don’t leave the leave-in

Whether your destination's attractions boast sand dunes or stunning views, be sure to pack a leave-in conditioner to nourish your strands. The extra protection will shield your hair from the side effects of fun in the sun. Pick up Redken One United to defend against dryness and add light-catching shine. Apply to towel-dried hair straight after the shower for best results.


Planning to spend your days in and out of the water? Pack a leave-in spray and mist between swims to avoid damage from chorine and saltwater. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Spray even offers UV protection to help fend off the sun.


Embrace the waves

Hot-tool styling... on vacation? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Leave your flatirons, curlers, and blow dryer at home and embrace the ease of air-dried styles. For longer lengths, work damp hair into braids or a messy bun and add an accessory to wear while it dries. Short-hair styling's even simpler—just tousle your strands with DESIGNLINE Texture Cream Casual Styler, top with a hat or headband for protection, and let the air do the work while you have more fun. Rocking layers or bangs? Keep a few bobby pins on hand to secure shorter strands away from your face. You can pin them to your hair tie or even under your mane for easy carrying, then use them as needed—like against a strong breeze.


Dry shampoo is your life raft

Vacation time is precious, and with so much to do, why waste precious time in the shower? Especially when you can stretch a hairstyle into day two (or three?). Dry shampoo is your #1 getaway companion to make the most of these moments. With easy-spray application and refreshing oil- and odor-absorbing formulas, this professional haircare product is practically convenience in a can. Picks like Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo can even diminish odors like cigarette and campfire smoke, plus allows easy styling for finger-tousled looks. Pick it up for yourself to take your look from sunrise to sunset and beyond. 

Redken One United
Pack light and protect your hair from whatever your getaway throws at it with a multi-benefit product like Redken One United.


After your return flight

Arriving home from vacation can be a sad day for everyone, so don't let post-holiday hair damage add to your back-to-work-or-school angst. Luckily, a good clarifying shampoo can get your hair back in shape. When your adventure has ended, use Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three to remove buildup of minerals from chlorine, salt, sweat, natural oils, and environmental pollutants like smog and smoke. With just a few washes, this professional-grade product can free hair from discoloration and buildup, restoring weightless bounce and shine. Once your strands are squeaky clean, finish with a moisturizing conditioner to restore moisture, flexibility, and supple feel to your mane. For extra hydration (and even more shine) try Biolage Hydrasource Conditioning Balm.


Ready to pack? Head to one of our Signature Style salons before the big trip for everything you need to make the most your break, vacation, or long weekend.

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