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Details Matter: Neckline and Sideburn Advice

It may seem like common sense, but how you have your neckline trimmed and the way you wear your sideburns can make a big difference in your look. Let's talk about some of the common mistakes, and how to make sure these little details work for you—and don't detract from your style.



As a basic rule to follow—when wearing short hair—don’t try to beat nature. As in, a natural neckline is best for guys and gals alike. Your neckline might be longer and wider than the next person, or have wild swirls and growth patterns, so with that in mind having a square, round or V-shaped neckline could really compliment your look. Ask your stylist to give your neckline a natural look, with a tapered finish.

Man with sideburns


For sideburns, you should go with what your face shape requires. Short, square, or round face shapes can really benefit from a longer sideburn that elongates your face. But the longer the face shape (rectangle or oblong) the shorter the sideburn, or at least keep them medium length. Also, avoid a sideburn that is too long for your hair’s density. You want the look of your sideburns to be tailored and stylish, not thin and spotty.


Looking for good neckline and sideburn advice? Look no further than your stylist. They'll be able to help you find both a neckline and sideburn style that fits your features, your hair's growth patterns, and more. It's these little things that make a great look.   


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