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Low-Maintenance Summer Styles

As the season’s heat soars to sky-high temperatures, “summer hair, don’t care” is our new mantra—well, almost. You might be wondering how you can have both carefree style and polished hair, too. We’ll spare you the suspense and cut right to the good news: With these simple tips and tricks, you can have the best of both worlds this summer.


Break up with long locks

Adjusting your haircut is the easiest way to save yourself headaches and styling time. If you can part with your length for a season or two, consider cutting your hair shorter for the summer. A general rule of thumb? The more inches you shave, the more styling time you’ll save. Ask your stylist about chic, trendy looks like graduated A-line bobs or short, edgy pixies.


If you can’t bear to say “bye” to your longer locks, consider incorporating layers to shed weight and add dimension. Not only will you sweat less in the sun, lighter layers will boost volume, add bounce, and feel lighter in general. Ask your stylist about thinning your mane, or testing out long, interior layers like those in a lob (AKA “the long bob”).


Want cooler hair? Embrace the air.  

The last thing anyone wants to do in the midst of a summer heat wave is think of heated hair styling. Blow dryer heat and sizzling curling irons in 90+ degree weather sounds like a nightmare, especially when one impromptu trip to the pool or beach could undo all your hard work. If your long hair simply needs to be styled, seriously consider air drying with a little extra product and heat-free tools like foam curling rolls, loose braiding, and simple brushing. A medium-hold product like Biolage Hydrofoaming Styler can give you all the shape and control of heated tools with way less maintenance, and in half the time.

Model with standing in a flowering tree
Embrace your boho side. Ditch the hot tools and try air drying and styling your hair this summer.


Products that polish

Once you’ve settled on the right style, prepare your hair with a multi-benefit professional product or two. If you’re opting to air dry, pick up a leave-in product to moisturize your mane throughout the day. Redken One United softens, strengthens, and detangles locks, which is great for those on-the-go summer days. Oh, and as an added perk? It doubles down on protection—shielding your strands from UV damage and saving your style from excess summer humidity.


To keep your style in place—and for less fussing later—try a malleable texture cream like DESIGNLINE Texture Cream Casual Styler for frizz-fighting protection and moveable control. It gives just enough command without the sticky, heavy feel, making it a solid product staple for summer. 


Want both care and frizz-free curls? Try DESIGNLINE Curl Lock Curl Cream: a moisture-rich, anti-humidity formula that keeps curls soft and in-check all day long—ideal for those who hate stiff, crunchy ringlets.


When in doubt: accessorize

Finally, for extra summer comfort, don’t be afraid to accessorize. Not only do they take your style next level, accessories like cloth headbands, fun scrunchies, and bold bobby pins are a great for keeping you cool. Pro tip: to keep your hair flair in place, spritz with a lightweight hairspray like Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light Hairspray to add a bit of hold for slip-proof style.


Summer should be about pool days and backyard BBQs, not sweating over style. For more time-saving hair tips, ask your Signature Style stylist for personalized hair help, product recommendations, and professional advice to help you maximize your style (and fun) in the sun.

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