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Looks and Styles for Special Events

No doubt you want to look your best for holiday parties, family gatherings, and weddings too. To celebrate this season, try one of these easy-to-expert looks for day, afternoon, or evening wear.



The top knot is an easy look that can be done in just minutes and can be updated to any occasion when accented with barrettes or hair bands. It's a great choice for day or night; it can be as dressy or as no-fuss casual as you'd like to style it.



The side bun or a braided bun is another easy-to-intermediate style that can be done with a little braiding practice. Secure your hair to the side with an elastic and braid—or twist—hair into a low bun, pinning with just a few bobby pins. Pull out fringe pieces around your face to make this look more romantic. Wrap a few skinny braids around the bun to kick the style up another notch.

Hair model with elaborate bun


Make a special-event statement with an updo. You can do it yourself with something as simple as a side pony (see above), or go formal with a style like a French twist. Some of these special-occasion looks are best left to the experts, so set aside some extra prep time before your event and head to a Signature Style salon near you. It's a good idea to bring your accessories (like earrings, necklaces, etc.) to the salon, along with a couple of different pictures for you and your stylist to choose from. That way you'll be sure to get a look you love and one that fits the occasion perfectly.

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