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Hello Romantic Hair Styles

For centuries, romantic hair styles have been associated with soft, voluminous, undulating waves and slightly mussed looks. Here are a few options for achieving heart-fluttering, flirty, and flattering hair fashion.


Help it wave

Loose, lived-in waves are an easy way for a quick, romantic style change. Using a heat protection spray, such as DESIGNLINE Hot Stop, mist sections of dry hair and wrap around a curling wand or curling iron, holding for a few seconds. Once released, and while the hair is still warm, gently pull the section to stretch or elongate the wave and allow to cool. This will give your waves a more casual, modern look, versus the perfectly coiffed, too-fussy wave styles. Continue until all hair has styled, then gently tousle with your fingers. Finish by misting with DESIGNLINE Hold Everything for a bit of hold.


Let it curl

For heads of hair with existing waves or curl, create soft separation and definition with frizz-free control by using Redken Curvaceous Ringlet Perfecting Lotion. Apply to damp hair and twist medium size sections of hair around finger to create more controlled ringlets. Allow to air dry for springy, manageable, shiny separation.

Hair model with wavy hair
Create waves, or enhance the curl you have, to add some romance to your style.

Keep it tousled

If sassy, mussed hair is your style, try Sexy Hair Play Dirty Dry Wax to add texture, dimension, and separation. After blow drying and styling, spray mid-lengths and ends for semi-shine without product build up or stickiness. For shorter lengths of hair, spray Play Dirty into hands and distribute through hair. Shake out and work hair until you’re pleased with your messy, but controlled, look. 


Add an accessory

For all hair lengths and styles, add some romantic detail with an accessory. Adorning your ‘do with a headband, barrette, or bobby pin with ribbon, bows, flowers, lace, or jewels adds to the love-is-in-the-air theme. But remember, less is more. Be sure to choose an understated accessories and position it off-center, to the side, or back to avoid a too-juvenile vibe.


Creating a change from your everyday look will make a special event statement, and most importantly, if you feel amazing about your style, you’ll surely shine. Be sure to ask your Signature Style stylist about what romantic looks could work for you.

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