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Great Lengths: Growing Out Your Short Hair

Growing out short hair is not an impulsive or quick change to your look. To reach new lengths, you need two things: time and patience. While it’s fundamentally an easy thing to do, anyone who has grown out their bangs can tell you there are mornings where the growth feels like it’s gotten to an impossible place with no good way to be styled. Don’t let that scare you. You can go from short to long in style with some planning and team work with your stylist.


Ways to cope

There’s more to growing out your hair than stopping your visits to the salon. Every month our hair grows between a quarter and a half inch, and since growth is more noticeable when you start out short, keep seeing your stylist to ease through the transition. Frequent trims and touch-ups will keep the growth from looking shaggy and disheveled. It’s also a perfect opportunity to ask for daily styling tips, since it can be tricky to style during awkward phases.

Longer blonde hairstyle

A little at a time

If you’re starting with a pixie cut, talk with your stylist about keeping your hair short at the neckline while the length of the sides grows and evens up with it. When it all reaches the same length, talk with your stylist about whether a strong blunt line or a more softly layered look will be best for your face shape. Both are stylish and easy to style every day.


Going the distance

Whether you’re starting at a bob or have finally grown it out to chin length and want to keep going, ease into it with texturized layers. That’s stylist code for softly blended layers with lots of movement. Talk with your stylist about ways to blend the growth while avoiding unnecessary weight and bulk.


Keep it subtle

If you’ve been coloring your short hair, now is the time to either maintain that color or make a subtle transition with a similar demi color for shine and freshened look. Avoid any dramatic lightening process that will require frequent root touch-ups. Avoid a dramatic change to a lighter or blonder shade. That can over process and damage your hair, which slows growth.


If you reach a growth phase that makes you want to grab a scissor and go short again, resist the urge to do it yourself and see your stylist. There are ways to make the growing-out process easier so that you can reach your goal of longer locks.

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