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Fall For A New Hue: Autumn Hair Color Service Ideas

Ask anyone what they love about fall. If their answer isn’t "pumpkin spice coffee," it’s probably "the colors." If they live in a four-season region, they likely mean transitioning hues in the falling leaves.  But wherever you call home, fall is the perfect time to treat yourself to your own hair color transition. Here’s how to do it the natural-looking way: 


Beat shorter days with brighter shine

If your style airs on the subtler side, there’s no need leap into something drastic—just a slight shade shift and some added shine can make your hair look fresh for the season. Consider a gloss service to polish up your post-summer strands and restore their natural shine. Love your current color? A simple, clear gloss can varnish your mane for a softer, shinier "you," but if you’re looking to go more glam, ask your stylist to cocktail a formula with a bit more shimmer to enhance your current shade. This custom treatment will coat strands with a light, luminous gloss—not unlike clear, metallic lip gloss—to give your hair some light-catching luster.


Opt for something subtle

Fancy a more apparent fall change? Request a gloss transition in a jeweled tone. With all the shiny autumn color you crave without the damage from lifts and ‘lights, this is an ideal option for those looking to (low-key) get noticed. It is worth noting, however, that the brightness and vibrancy of your end result almost entirely depends on your existing hair color. A good rule of thumb? The lighter the existing color, the more noticeable the end result. Tinting darker locks will be far less obvious—especially indoors. However, regardless of your starting hue, every hair color will see a jewel-toned reflection when caught in the light, so it helps to consider your final hair goals. Ruby-amethyst, garnet or amber-citrine hues are all great options for brunettes, while pastel gems like pearl, opal, and rose quartz reflect most beautifully on blondes.

Wavy, color-serviced hair
Fight back against gray, blah days with brighter, eye-catching color like these real-life examples from Signature Style Salon guests.



Pro tip: rather than all-over treatment, ask your stylist to strategically place and hand paint individual pieces for a subtler effect. These painted strands will effectively capture and transmit light, contrasting your natural strands for maximum sparkle with minimum upkeep.


Get bold

If dramatic is your preferred way to play, request a foilyage lightener before adding your toner. This technique lifts existing color, brightening select base strands to dramatically boost the contrast of dark and light colors. After the new strands are primed, the toner will add rich, deep hues to reflect autumn’s falling leaves. The golds, coppers, reds and burgundies of your existing strands then transform into glossy streaks of topaz, citrine, carnelian, ruby and garnet—an attention-grabbing spectrum, guaranteed to shine.


Ready to transform your colors? Visit your stylist to discuss your best hue. They’ll surely find an autumn look that’s right for you.

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