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The Right Look for Your Face Shape

There’s something about a new style and a good haircut that does wonders for our feeling of well-being. You just know it looks right. Not sure how to find the hairstyle that does it for you, though? Learning how to identify your face shape is a good starting point, because different styles look better with different face shapes.


If you pull your hair in a ponytail and off of your face, you should be able to see the overall shape your face most closely resembles—round, square, oval, or heart. Keep in mind that your hair's texture will also play an important role when you cut your hair. Thankfully, your stylist can help both in identifying your face shape and finding a cut that best suits you.

Illustration of woman with an oval face
Oval face? Lucky you—there is almost no style that you can’t rock. However, there are a few that are especially flattering. Keeping your hair mid-length or shorter will balance your elongated face shape—anything from a pixie to an angled bob or below-the-shoulder layered look. Blunt bangs are a great way to give your face a little more structure, as will the volume of face-framing layers.
Illustration of a woman with a heart shaped face
If you have a heart-shaped face, start with a deep side part—this endlessly compliments your face shape. If you prefer long hair, opt for a cut with layers that start around the chin, which will fill out this part of your face and offer more balance. However, you can also rock a pixie cut with side-swept bangs—this will soften the angles of your face while still highlighting your gorgeous cheekbones.
Illustration of woman with a round face
If your face is round, you’ll want to avoid excess volume on the side of your face, as well as straight-across bangs, which will shorten the length your face. An angled, collarbone-skimming bob with a deep part is a great option. It’s fresh and modern, but it doesn’t add too much volume, and the taper draws the eye down, elongating your face. Long layers are also great, as the length offers visual balance.
Illustration of a woman with a square face
Women with a square face shape should choose cuts that offer volume at the crown, and avoid anything too blunt. Something straight and long, with cascading layers, softens the angles of this face shape. A tapered bob that stops around the jawline is perfect if you want a shorter cut, as it will emphasize your cheekbones rather than your jawline. Wispy bangs can add beautiful softness to your look.
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