Hair Styles Illustrated

Simple Styles with Everyday Hair Tools

Looking for some quick and easy ways to elevate your look? A hair styling tool, or something as simple as a handful of bobby pins, may hold the key to some brand-new, eye-catching styles. Let's check them out.
Illustration of a flat iron
Illustration of sleek short hair styles


Give a smooth-as-ice look to curls and waves, or even naturally straight hair. Hair of all lengths and textures becomes elegant with the application of a hot flat iron. Twist your wrist when you reach the ends to add in a soft under curl, or hold firm the entire length for a blunt look.
Illustration of bobby pins
Illustration of bobby pinned hair

Bobby Pin Artistry

More than tool, the humble bobby pin has found a new lease on life as a work of art. A trendy way to accent your style, create a geometric shape with bobby pins. Take the look up a notch by using colorful pins instead of the typical neutral shades.
Illustration of a diffuser
Illustration of wavy hair

Waves in Any Season

Just because you’re away from the beach doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing soft, romantic waves. Embrace the dreamy look by using a diffuser to bring out your natural curl. Or twist straight hair and scrunch it from the ends to the roots while gently drying with a diffuser.
Illustration of a crimper
Illustration of crimped hair

The Return of the Crimper

While it may evoke memories of your teenage years, volume and texture are very much on trend and the crimper creates an edgy look unlike anything the curling iron can do. For just a hint of crimp, pull your hair into a high or at-your-nape pony tail and clamp the iron onto just a few strands—it’ll create an unexpected and fun style.


With any of these tools and styles, you can make them your own with a little practice. Plus, don't forget to pick up professional styling tools at your salon, where a skilled stylist can recommend the right techniques and right tool for your hair type.

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