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When it comes to style, what’s old often becomes new again. This year, we expect to see these unforgettable looks from past decades made modern and fresh.
Inspired by film stars, young women in the 1920s shocked their elders by cutting their Edwardian-style hair and getting a modern bob.
At the start of the 1960s, women looked to the White House for hair inspiration and the bouffant became a widely-imitated look.
After a stick-thin model took fashion magazines by storm with the Pixie cut, women world-wide began to rethink their hair’s length in the mid-'60s.
But not everyone was cutting their hair short in the '60s. Sometimes the ultra-long look was the way to go for an I-got-you style.
The shag brought face-framing feathered waves and texture to angels all over the globe in the 1970s.
Illustration of short brunette haircut
The wedge leapt and spun into popularity in 1976, and was copied by athletes and fans of all ages.
Also in the '70s, the afro became a powerful statement from Motown to Hollywood and pretty much everywhere in-between.
All of your friends were wild about this multi-layered shaggy cut in the 1990s.

(Illustrations: Ashley Mary - @ashleymaryart)     
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