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Finding the Best Brow Shape for You

It seems like never in history have eye brows been celebrated as much as they are right now. Magazines, beauty blogs, and Instagram are spilling over with pictures and stories about wow-worthy brows. And store shelves now boast dozens of different products to primp your brows, from pencils and powders to creams and gels. There’s no denying it’s the year of the eye brows.


But before you invest in powders or pencils that promise to make your brows selfie-worthy, get down to basics with a flattering brow shape. Because brow shapes can dramatically change your look, it’s important to find a shape that works with your natural features. The right shape can open up your face and give you a polished appearance. If you’re not sure which shape is best for you, here are the five most common and the faces they flatter.

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Illustration of round brow

Best for: Heart or diamond face shapes

Illustration of a high arch brow

Best for: Round or oval face shapes

Illustration of flat brow

Best for: Oblong or long face shapes

Illustration of a s-shape brow

Best for: Square or diamond face shapes

Illustration of a soft arch brow

Best for: Oval, square, or diamond face shapes

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