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Fashionably Festive: Holiday Hair Ideas

If you’ve been feeling ho-hum about your day-to-day hairstyle, the holiday season—with its parties, dinners, and special events—is the perfect time to take your 'do up a few notches. You'll look and feel festive thanks to these six fashion-forward style ideas.
Illustration of a woman with a roll hair do

The Roll

A dreamy and romantic updo, the roll is a creative way to use an on-trend embellished headband. Wound up and around the headband, your hair will take on a soft vintage feel that has been spotted all over runway fashion shows.
Illustration of a woman with a half-up knot

Half-Up Knot and Curls

When you want the face framing look of wearing your hair down, but you also love the look of a high bun, this style hits the mark. When it comes to top knots, messy is perfect, so this look works well on second-day hair or after a long day at work. Embrace your natural curl, or create some waves to give the length some volume and texture.
Illustration of woman with a braid

Half-Side Braid

The half-side braid is a edgy take on the classic sidepart. Part glam blow out, part Katnis braid, it’s a creative way to kick your look up a notch. A stunning option for all hair lengths, it can even be woven with a bob. Flat iron the length for a sleek look, or do it up in waves or curls, this style looks lovely with every hair type.
Illustration of a woman with a bubble ponytail

Bubble Ponytail

A playful take on a classic ponytail, the added stylized tail is a wink at champagne bubbles. An easier-than-it-looks hairdo that can be mastered by anyone with a brush and a few rubberbands, this unique style will stand out in a crowd.
Illustration of a woman with a twist

Chignon with a Twist

Is it a chignon? Is it a braid? It’s the best of both worlds, twisted together for an elegant look that can go from the office to the after-work holiday happy hour. Embellish with a rhinestone barrette for little something extra.
Illustration of a woman with a sidepart pony

Side Part Ponytail with a Braid

If you like the half-side braid but want a style that will stay out of your face, pairing the braid with a ponytail is the perfect solution. You get the face-framing romance of a braid with the no-fuss ease of a ponytail.
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