Hair Styles Illustrated

Change Your Part, Change Your Look

No one wants to get stuck in a hair rut, wearing your hair the exact same way every day. Versatile and customizable hair styles keep your look fresh. But that doesn’t necessarily mean getting a drastic haircut just to switch up your look. We have one simple styling trick that can turn one cut into multiple looks: Moving your part.
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Illustration of a woman with blonde hair

Side part


This softer look will help emphasize your eyes.

Illustration of woman with a messy part

Messy side part


Let your bangs fall forward for a youthful style.

Illustration of a woman with a blue shirt

Opposite-side, messy side part


Flip from your natural part side, and this edgier style gives you the illusion of a hot trend: micro-bangs.

Illustration of a woman with a middle part

Middle part


Red carpets and runways have been full of center parts this year.

Illustration of a woman with a formal part

Formal side part


Use a smooth side part to add romance and glamour to your look.

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