Hair Styles Illustrated

Today's Best On-the-Go Styles

Pretty, on-trend hairstyles are possible even when you’re in a hurry with these time-saving, three-step how-tos.

While all six styles look good with freshly washed hair, they’re even better with second-day hair spritzed with dry shampoo. And since you won't be spending time getting your hair washed—and even more time intensively—dried, you'll be out the door even faster.
Illustration of a woman in a pink tanktop

Triple Play Ponytail


1. Section out the top third of the hair, pulling it into a high pony tail, secured with clear elastic hair binder.


2. Section out the middle third, pulling it into a second ponytail that includes the length of the first, securing it again.


3. Pull the remaining hair together into one final ponytail.



Tame down flyaways with DESIGNLINE Gloss Polish Finishing Wax and hold it all together with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray.

Illustration of a woman with a bun

Fan Bun


1. Pull your hair into a high pony tail, but instead of pulling it all the way through on the last pass, only pull it half way.


2. Position the looped section into a fan-like shape, make it messy or go sleek—there’s no wrong way.


3. Wrap remaining ends of pony tail around the base, pinning it into place with bobby pins.



Keep it in place with Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13.

Illustration of a woman with waves

Super-Fast Beach Waves


(First, prep it: Spritz dry hair a thermal spray like Kenra Platinum Hot Spray.)


1. Section your hair into three parts, braiding each and tying off with an elastic band.


2. Run a hot flat iron over each braid a few times.


3. Remove the bands, release the braids, and run your fingers through.



To add some texture to your wave, spritz with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray and scrunch the ends.

Illustration of a woman with glasses

Half-Up Top Knot


(First, prep it: To add edgy texture to your style, spray hair with Sexy Hair Style Sexy Play Dirty.)


1. Pull the front section of your hair up into a pony tail.


2. Take length of tail and twist it, then coil the twist around the base of the pony tail.


3. Tuck in bobby pins to secure.



For added dimension, braid the tail and then coil it around the base.

Illustration of a woman with a ponytail

Topsy Tail


1. Tie a loose ponytail using a clear elastic—position it high for a sporty look, or low for a more romantic one.


2. Right below the elastic, part the base of the ponytail hair into two sections by sliding two fingers under the elastic band along your scalp.


3. Flip your ponytail end up and push it through the parted section, pulling it down with the fingers that parted the base.



Apply a light-hold hairspray like EIMI Stay Essential to keep it together. Play with this technique by positioning it behind an ear, braiding the length of the ponytail or using it with a triple play ponytail.

Illustration of a woman with a headband

Headband Tuck and Roll


(First, prep it: Use a volumizing powder like Sexy Hair Big Sexy Powder Play at your roots for volume and prep with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray or a similar texturing spray to keep hair from slipping.)


1. Position an elastic headband on top of parted hair.


2. Starting at the front, lift sections of hair up and tuck them over the headband so the hair wraps around the band, repeating the lift and tuck until you reach the base of your neck.


3. Roll the remaining section of hair and tuck it under the headband, securing with bobby pins as needed.

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