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Helping Your New Look Last

You’ve got the perfect cut, but how do you recreate it at home? It’s tough to do your hair just like your stylist—they are the professionals, after all—but if you’re prepared to learn a couple of tricks of the trade, you can help your new look last.


Product matters

Stylists always use professional products on your hair, so trying to redo it without the right shampoo and styling aids might be a little tough. First, find out which products they used on your hair and ask how much you should use. This is crucial—over-applying shampoo, conditioner, or styling product will make your style fall flat.


Styling starts with shampoo  

Your shampoo and conditioning regiment sets the base for your styling and your look. There are many kinds of shampoo, but one of our go-to daily shampoo and conditioner duos is DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This formulation contains vitamins E and K to help protect hair from environmental damage and is ideal for all hair types. Infused with "Fresh Pressed Complex," which contains cold-filtered olive oil extracts, this duo offers nutrition and protection for healthy and shiny hair.


Blow-drying basics

Once you know the essential products to recreate the look, have your stylist show you how they blow-dry your hair, and exactly where they apply the product to your strands. When blow-drying, always remember to use a thermal primer, like Redken Pillow Proof Primer, to protect your hair from heat damage. And while we’re on the subject of blow-drying, there’s a little trick that stylists use at the end of blow-drying called the “cool down.” This is the cool shot on your dryer that seals in shine and instantly tames fly-aways.


Wet, damp, or dry

And lastly, ask your stylist if your hair product should go on wet or damp hair. This will change the way the product is absorbed into your hair and how well it holds. One product that can help you achieve multiple looks is Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel. This versatile, flake-free gel provides maximum control with a refreshing fragrance, thickening hair, and locking shorter hairstyles in place. Ask your stylist about the benefits of using this gel—or any other styling product—on wet, damp, and dry hair.


Once you know what products to use, how much to use and how to apply them, you’ll be well on your way to creating salon-quality styles at home.

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The right shampoo and conditioner can make a big difference in how your hair reacts to styling.

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