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Fall Clean Up: Four Reasons You Should Leave Waxing to the Professionals

Summer heat may seem like a distant memory these days, but soft, smooth, silky skin should still be something to strive for—after all, the benefits of waxing can be seen year-round. Without peach fuzz and extra hair, our cosmetics look seamless, our features seem sharper, and our selfies appear shadow-free, which is why many of us continue to seek hair removal treatments through the fall. We’re no stranger to DIY hair removal products, but unless you’ve had special training, you’ll want to leave it to the pros. Here’s what makes salon waxing worth it.


Safety is a mandatory.

The smoothest results begin with a primary consultation. Not only will this map out the best plan for your brow shape, it will also determine whether you’re a good candidate for waxing. Many medications and skin treatments—even some common diseases and disorders—can make waxing dangerous. To avoid any major disasters when waxing, a professional should first analyze your skin, confirm your eligibility, and determine the best plan of action, informing you of any necessary specifics before proceeding with treatment. Though smooth skin is ideal, preventing damage to the skin will always be the priority, so transparency is key to ensure your safety, comfort, and best results.

Signature Style hair model with wavy hair
Perfectly shaped brows? The work of a professional who understands what flatters face shapes.

Shaping is key.

If you’ve ever seen a beautiful brow job, you’ll agree that shape matters. One of the most delicate skills that professionals possess is the ability to (almost magically) sculpt the face—a skill that takes time to practice and perfect. Professionals undergo training to properly identify individual face shapes and master the art of enhancing their features. Perfect eyebrows aren’t achieved with a stencil—whether today’s trending looks feature full, feathered tails or razor-sharp arches, you’ll likely need an adjustment to make the trend work for you. If you don’t want to spend the following weeks with a perpetually-surprised face or permanent scowl, have your shape sketched out by a seasoned professional.


Hygiene is not optional.

When it comes to hair removal, safety and sanitation go hand in hand. If you want clean results, you’ll need clean tools—after all, waxing is an epilation process. When entire follicles are removed, the risk of infection increases, so proper sanitation is required to prevent contamination, irritation, and injury. Don’t worry—our specialists are hygiene pros and will always be sure to take the necessary measures to ensure your skin stays safe.


Post-treatment FYI: Beyond initial swelling and redness, the most common side effect within 24 hours after waxing is the appearance of small bumps. These unsightly papules indicate infection, usually caused by a bacterial deposit on newly epilated skin from touching the area with contaminated fingers. We understand how freshly-waxed skin is tempting to touch, but to avoid inflammation, try your best to refrain for 24 hours. After that, touch away! Just be sure that anything that contacts the skin afterward—brushes, body parts, products, and pillow cases—is properly cleaned before use.


Proper application is a priority.

Your eyebrows are your most expressive feature. Just a few plucked hairs can transform your face, so whoever you trust with your brows better know what they’re doing. Untrained attempts can even be dangerous. Applying too much wax increases the chance of injury, sometimes removing layers of skin with the unwanted fuzz, and too sparse an application not only fails to remove the hair, it renders the skin unable to re-wax. Wax should never be applied to an area more than once, even if no hair was removed. A trained specialist knows exactly how to apply and remove wax with minimal potential for challenges, so leave it to the pros for best results.


Pre-treatment FYI: For the wax to get a good grip, hair should be at least a quarter-inch—about a grain of rice—long before it’s eligible for treatment.


Want to make your fall clean-up service a breeze? Visit one of our salons every four weeks to stay smooth through the season. Find a salon near you today.

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