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Love Your Hair

From Long to Short: Tips for Trying a New Style


Going from long hair to short hair can be a big leap, but knowing what to expect from your new cut can definitely help the decision making process.


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DESIGNLINE Texture Balance Frizz Primer

What’s the hottest cut trend in your salon? Bobs! Long bob, short bob, stacked bob, angled bob, asymmetrical bob. The bob is definitely it.

What's the hottest color trend in your salon? Balayage is really in right now.

What's the product you recommend the most to your guests? DESIGNLINE Ultimate Radiance Leave-In Conditioner.

What’s your favorite styling tip? I would say one of my favorite styling tips is blow drying the opposite way from your part. This will give you lift in your root area and also help create that deep, side-sweep bang, instead of the bang just sitting off to the side of your face.

What’s the best hair advice you’ve ever received? Take your time and never rush. It's just like cooking. You never rush your meat because you want that tender and full-flavor taste. If you rush, it's stiff and bland.

What's Now

The Top 5 Hair Color Questions for Your Stylist


Next time you visit the salon for a color service, come with these questions in tow. They will help you and your stylist decide what color is best for you and how you can best maintain it.


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Everyday Indulgence

Creating Flawless Waves and Touchable Curls


Want to indulge in a new style this summer? One way to change up your look this season is to create some major waves or boost your curl—whether it’s just for a day or something a little more permanent.


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