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Fall For A New Hue: Autumn Hair Color Service Ideas
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Ask anyone what they love about fall. If their answer isn’t "pumpkin spice coffee," it’s probably "the colors." If they live in a four-season region, they likely mean transitioning hues in the falling leaves.  But wherever you call home, fall is the perfect time to treat yourself to your own hair color transition.


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Flat Iron Styling

Everyone knows you can achieve sleek, straight styles with a flat iron. But did you know you can also use it to add curls and waves to your look? Find out how with this quick video. 

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Top 5 Tips for Growing Your Hair Out In Style
If you've spent the last few months admiring beachy waves, messy buns, and boxer braids, but couldn’t create the looks with your bob or lob, now’s the time to start growing.

While it seems as simple as stopping your visits to the salon, there’s more that goes into growing your hair than meets the eye. With these five secrets to longer locks, you’ll survive the grow-out process and look great the whole time.

Everyday Indulgence
Travel Tips and Must-Have Products
Woman with brunette hair and a pink tank top

Keeping your hair and makeup looking fresh and flawless both during and after a long trip is no easy feat. No one wants to arrive at their destination desperately looking to book their next blowout, so we’ve compiled a few travel tips and tricks to ensure your hair stays as smooth as your flight.


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