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Love Your Hair

From Long to Short: Tips for Trying a New Style


Going from long hair to short hair can be a big leap, but knowing what to expect from your new cut can definitely help the decision making process.


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Favorite Styling Product

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DESIGNLINE Powder Boost Volumizer

What’s your favorite time-saving secret? My favorite time saving secret would be to run Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum through your hair before blow drying. It will cut your time in half and keep your hair smooth.

What is your favorite non-styling product (shampoo, etc.)? I love Redken's All Soft shampoo and conditioner. It's super moisturizing and makes your hair feel so soft.

What’s the hottest color trend in your salon? Silver hair is a huge trend in our salon, whether it's all-over or a fun, dimensional ombre.

What’s the best hair advice you’ve ever received? Make sure you work product evenly in your hands before running it through your hair. You'll avoid clumps and get even distribution through the hair.

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The Top 5

Ways to Get Ready for Summer

Follow these five easy steps—with a fresh look and a few new products—and you’ll be ready to take on the season in style.


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The Top 5 Must-Have Products for Women


Whether your hair is short and sophisticated or long and lovely, these must-have products will fit easily into your morning routine.

Everyday Indulgence

Creating Flawless Waves and Touchable Curls


Want to indulge in a new style this summer? One way to change up your look this season is to create some major waves or boost your curl—whether it’s just for a day or something a little more permanent.


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