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Top 6 Ways to Keep Static at Bay

With the arrival of dry winter air comes static that can make your hair do crazy things. To keep your hair static- and frizz-free, try this advice for healthy, soft, and smooth locks all winter long.
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DESIGNLINE Moisture Shampoo

Add moisture

The number one rule with static: more moisture = less static. Try DESIGNLINE Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner for silky hair. Remember to apply conditioning products only to the ends of hair to keep it from weighing down your hair or making it oily.

Avoid plastic

Avoid plastic

Switch out your plastic comb for a metal or ceramic one. Combs with wide teeth help reduce static, too. Use brushes made of natural bristle instead of plastic, or look for a brush designed to keep static away.

Biolage Sugar Shine Conditioner

Stay conditioned

Condition, condition, condition. Dry hair is prone to static in winter months thanks to the lack of moisture in the air. If your hair is fine or tends to be on the oily side, concentrate conditioner like Biolage Sugar Shine Conditioner or Total Results Mega Sleek Conditioner at the ends of your hair to keep it from getting limp and lifeless.

Keep cool

Keep cool

After conditioning, rinse your hair with cool water. It will seal your follicles for smooth and frizz-free hair (while keeping your skin from getting dry and itchy, too)

DESIGNLINE Hold Everything

Spray smart

Hairspray does more than hold your style in place, it can reduce static. Just spritz your comb or brush with a hairspray like DESIGNLINE Hold Everything or Big Sexy Soy Touchable Spray and then run it through your hair. Just don’t use too much or you could dry out your hair.

Dry it right

Dry it right

Trade in your standard blow dryer for one that will do double duty. An ionic blow dryer is a super tool because it helps prevent static while drying your hair. By breaking down water molecules, ionic blow dryers preserve your hair’s natural moisture and stop static.

If static continues to be bothersome, talk with your stylist about a deep conditioning treatment that can infuse hair with rich moisture to protect against the damage of dry air.
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