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Top 5 Tips for Growing Your Hair Out In Style

If you've spent the last few months admiring beachy waves, messy buns, and boxer braids, but couldn’t create the looks with your bob or lob, now’s the time to start growing.

While it seems as simple as stopping your visits to the salon, there’s more that goes into growing your hair than meets the eye. With these five secrets to longer locks, you’ll survive the grow-out process and look great the whole time.
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Get routine haircuts

It seems like the opposite thing to do, but frequent hair trims keep the ends clean and even. They also keep split ends in check, which is important because they create a messy, frayed, and uneven look.

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Stay away from extreme color changes

You can add a subtle demi color for shine a fresh look, but avoid a dramatic color change that will require frequent root touch ups. Frequent color treatments can over process and damage your hair, which slows growth.

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

Get conditioning treatments

Routine protein and moisture treatments at the salon nourish your hair and make it strong. If you prefer at-home treatments, ask your stylist to recommend a deep conditioning treatment for your hair type. For example, Redken Extreme Anti-Snap is perfect for damaged or distressed hair.

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Eat healthy

Growing hair out is a bit like caring for a plant; eating foods full of nutrients will give your hair what it needs to grow. Feed it the right amount of food, light, and love, and it will flourish.

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Be patient

It’s said to be a virtue, and without it, growing out the length or even just your bangs is pretty much impossible. Hair grows at about a quarter to a half inch every month, so it’s a commitment. Schedule time with your stylist during months six and nine, they’re typically the most challenging months because your hair will have reached an in-between length that’s too long to be short, but too short to be long. Your stylist can recommend tricks to help you cope.

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