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Top 5 Beard and Facial Hair Tips

Facial hair styles have become extremely popular in the last few years and it doesn't look like it'll be slowing down anytime soon. Whether you have 5 o’clock shadow or wear a full-on beard, proper facial hair care will keep you looking your best.
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1. Cleanse

Let’s be real. Beards and mustaches catch a lot of stuff—from food and drinks to sweat and dirt. You might need more than a bar of soap to keep it clean and manageable. The best option? A moisturizing shampoo like DESIGNLINE for Men 2 in 1 Shampoo and Body Wash. It cleanses and moisturizes well, while removing dead skin, natural oils, and all the things that contribute to a less-than-fresh beard or moustache. Remember to rinse well.

2. Condition

You’ll enjoy the feeling of a soft, smooth beard, and so will others. After cleansing, apply a beard oil or serum like American Crew Beard Serum that infuses moisture for softness and manageability. Facial hair is coarser than scalp hair, so using an oil or serum product like this will give it the intense conditioning it needs.

Signature Style model with a beard

3. Dry

After cleansing and conditioning, it’s important to dry your facial hair well. Often facial hair is left to air dry, but bacteria likes to grow in dark, moist and warm environments so it’s important for your beard or moustache to be thoroughly dried. It also ensures your skin stays healthy.

Hair model with beard

4. Comb

Routinely running a brush or comb through your moustache or beard will keep it tidy, but will also make it softer and smoother. When you run a comb through the hairs, it redistributes oil and increases blood flow, which helps keep it from feeling itchy.

Hair guest getting a trim

5. Trim

To keep your facial hair looking its best, ask your stylist for a beard or moustache trim. A professional shaping will freshen your look and feel great.

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