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Picture Day Perfect: Back to School Looks and Tips for Kids and Their Parents

Love it or loathe it, picture day is a big deal. Whatever the age, whatever the grade, it’s the one day a year to look your best. No one wants to kick off their school year with a nightmare class photo, so we’ve compiled this list to help picture day go off without a hitch. With a little planning, some extra patience, and these style ideas, picture day will be a breeze. 


Keep it simple   

Everyone wants to look like the cool kid in the yearbook, but it's important to make sure you and your kids don't stray too far from looking like you normally do—after all, pictures are meant to document who they are in that point in time, so adopting a new, last-minute style might not be the best move; however, it’s still important to put their best face forward. Help the cool kids in your life choose a look geared to their style and skill set. If the look takes on more than your sprouting superstar can muster, simplify the style.


Get photo-ready

Having a hair vision in mind ahead of time can take a look from "frizzy" to "flawless" when it matters most. To avoid photo-day nightmares, plan a look ahead of time with a great haircut and put-together ensemble. Haircuts seem to look best at least a week or so after the initial appointment, so head to your stylist a few weeks in advance, or even more if they're itching to try an edgier 'do. This gives you time to adjust to the cut and find out what works best for styling—there's nothing worse than not knowing what to do with your hair the day of your pic. Take the time to discover what works and what doesn't—if showering the night before yields gross bed head or glamorous gleam, and if your favorite products need to be updated.


Focusing in on products

Once you're officially acquainted with their new 'do, it's time to choose a styling product to take the look to the nines. Here are a few helpful things to have on-hand:


  • A multi-benefit leave-in

If nighttime's shower time, a good leave-in product can get them looking great when you wake. After shampooing and towel drying, apply DESIGNLINE Ultimate Radiance Leave-In to locks before bed—it’ll make their hair (and morning) much smoother to style, saving time, headaches, and pain from detangling.


  • A spray bottle of water

When you need a quick fix, reach for a spritz. Sometimes a little water is all you need to re-work a look. Rather than risking over-wetting the hair, you can target and control where to dampen the 'do with a little spray bottle. Quick, easy, and reasonably cheap, it's the perfect tool to quickly fix strands for the pic. Often a light mist can assist in a redirection and control of targeted areas without the need to soak, dry, and style the entire head.


  • A texturizing styling spray

Need to liven up a last-minute style? Give locks a boost with a quick spritz of DESIGNLINE Texture Tousle Flexible Finisher. Perfect for guys and gals of all hair lengths, this product defines shorter styles with a little separation and adds grip and control to longer locks. Simply spritz a fine mist on the mane and style with fingers, directing away from the face—either tucking the hair back behind the ears or pulling up in a ponytail.


  • A smoothing cream styling product

If there's one thing that those preset vinyl backdrops can distinctly highlight, it's a flyaway problem. Even when pit against a million-watt smile, static frizz will steal the show, so it's important pack a good product to paste down wayward strands. Try It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In for a quick, easy fix for all their frizz problems. Simply apply to damp or dry hair and comb strands into place for maximum control and light-catching shine.


Though this day comes around just once a year, the memories live on forever. With the right cut, these tips, and a few handy products, your rising star will be ready to shine. For more tips, tricks, and perfect-hair products, swing by one of our salons—our professional stylists are always happy to help. After all, pictures are worth a thousand words, and we can help make sure they’re all good ones.

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