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Why Choose Professional Hair Products?

It's definitely tempting: cutting a few dollars out of your hair care product budget by using drugstore brands. But there are some significant reasons why this isn't the best choice, and may actually cost you more in the long run. Here are five reasons why:
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A matter of quality

Even though you will find some of the same ingredients in both drugstore brands and professional products, the quality is still lower. Drugstore brands typically fill their bottles with more of the cheaper ingredients (like water, lathering agents, and fillers) and less of the proteins, moisturizers, and other quality ingredients your hair needs, in order to sell the product for a lower price. This creates a huge difference in the concentration level of professional brands—you will have to use more product to get the desired result from a drugstore brand. Conversely, you can use less of your professional products with each use, resulting in fewer purchases over time.


High-tech help for your hair

If you purchase a brand that makes both drugstore- and professional-quality products, it is very likely that the professional-quality product will have the most current technology for your hair. As the technology improves for the salon line, older technology is then moved to the drugstore line, which is why you see it selling for less outside the salon.

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Managing your investment

Hair stylists are trained in which professional products are going to work best with your hair when it is color-treated or chemically textured (perms or relaxers). Most professional hair stylists will void any guarantee for longevity of color or texture services if you use store-bought products, since these lower-quality products can dramatically shorten the life of professional chemical services. If you are planning on spending good money to get these services, it is a wise choice to invest a little more for the insurance policy of longevity.

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Great hair, with a guarantee

When you are in the product aisle of the drugstore, there is no one there to help you wade through the mountain of choices. In your salon, trained stylists take all the guesswork away by offering a professional recommendation that meets your needs. The stylist will take it a step further by teaching you how to use the product properly, and letting you know how to layer it with other products to change your look. Best yet, that recommendation comes with a guarantee. If you start using a professional product and you don’t feel it is working, simply return the product and the stylist will work to find you something that is perfectly effective to help you have great hair.

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Personal touch

You just won’t find that kind of individualized attention and guaranteed satisfaction at the drugstore. Head into a Signature Style salon today to get your personalized product recommendations, and discover what a difference professional products can make.

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