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The Magic of the Pixie

Whether you're high-fashion risktaker, a tomboy at heart, or just looking to mix it up with a bold new 'do, a pixie may be the cut for you. Here's what you need to know about this fresh-cut spring style:


Unflinching fashion

From classic icons like Twiggy and Hepburn to modern muses like Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence, this liberating style has defined careers, slashed norms, and has magically stood the test of time. First introduced to the world in the 1950s, the pixie cut’s daring look and ease of style has held its place as one of fashion’s most popular and progressive female hairstyles through the decades.


In the days of pixie’s past, style elements were strategically placed to highlight the subject’s feminine qualities and prevent the cut from looking “boyish”. Traditional pixies create a textured, wispy, gamine appearance with soft layering and delicate design. Modern-day pixies can build off this model with soft, sweeping bangs and angled fringe, or completely upgrade the look with choppy layers, gel-spiked crowns and edgy undercuts.


Think Tink

Want to see that classic-cut magic in action? Take a look at the Tinkerbell trim. Commonly called a “wedged” or “feathered” pixie, this Disney-esque ‘do is as equally liberating as it is ladylike. A pixie cut fit for a modern-day fairytale, the delicate wisps and contrasting lengths are what give this look its feminine charm. Leaving more length in the crown, bangs and sides adds volume, boosts versatility and saves room for the locks to shape and play. Bonus tip: dust your cheekbones with illuminator and finish with a spritz of Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray to set your look and shine all day.

Hair model with a pixie cut

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Hair model with a pixie cut

Bold, boyish charm

Every few years or so, this progressive style takes on a fresh edge. The classic pixie allure never fades from fashion; however, it’s constantly putting new twists on the trend. Today’s trendiest cuts downplay the feminine features of traditional pixies in favor of stronger style elements to capture a bolder look. These “Tomboy” cuts swap out softer bangs for fashion-forward fringe, emphasizing texture and movement in a wilder style. Want a look that rocks an edge? Work a volumizing gel like DESIGNLINE Volumizing Gel through damp hair to spike and shape your punk-rock tresses. Once dry and ready-to-go, apply DESIGNLINE Mineral Salt Texture Paste for workable control, definition, and subtle matte shine.


Whether you’re looking for the classic crop or tomboy trim, know that not all pixies are created equal. Be sure to talk to your stylist about different length, color, texture, and style options. Our stylists can help you discover the cut that works best for your face shape, and provide customized tips and tricks on products and styling to keep your pixie at peak perfection.

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