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Take Control: Thick Hair Help

Thick hair: it’s loved and hated; envied by those without it, but a source of frustration for those who have it. To have thick hair is to know styling is a commitment of time and patience. While the realities of thick hair can be frustrating, there are ways to make it easier to manage and look great.

It starts with the cut

There’s no substitute for a good haircut when it comes to thick hair. If your thick hair feels out of control, talk with your stylist about ways to make it manageable. There are special cutting techniques that will reduce bulk, and make your hair easier to live with and style. For a flattering, easy-to-manage style, consider a bob that embraces the thickness.


Care for it the right way

Whether your thick hair straight, wavy or curly, the best way to keep it healthy and shiny is to care for the outer layer—the cuticle—by towel drying it thoroughly before applying styling products. And if you’re not in a big hurry, let it air dry for a while. When it’s not dripping wet, your hair better absorbs styling products that help you control it throughout your day while keeping frizz in check. If your thick hair takes a long time to blow dry, speed up the process by applying Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum first. Bonus: it also smooths, conditions and seals the hair strand.

Signature Style hair model with brunette hair
Reducing bulk in thick hair is one of the keys to keeping it manageable.

Screen grab of hair drying video
One of the biggest complaints about thick hair is how long it takes to dry. Check out this video for three quick tips to help speed up your drying time.

Get in control

Managing thick hair is a common challenge, but it’s easy to tame unruly strands when you use a leave-in moisturizer like DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner. Apply it to damp hair, then let it air dry, or use a round brush and blow dryer to keep it controlled. For a sleek look, try Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame. It fights humidity too. Give shine, movement, and softness to a finished style by spritzing on Sexy Hair Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal—it will create hold without the stiffness.

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