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Spring for a New Summer Style

Ah, spring—a time for fresh flowers, pastel dresses, the return of shorts, and ball games under blue skies. The season of renewal has officially sprung, and we’re basking in all of its bright, sunshine-y glory with a fresh crop of new looks. We have a lot to cover, so, like these styles, we’ll keep thing’s short. Here’s what’s on the hair horizon, with two looks for women and two looks for men.


What about a bob?

As versatile as it is timeless, the bob remains popular for a reason—it’s a classic. We’ve seen the bob vary in length and style over the years, but it’s entering this season shorter, stronger, and bolder with blunt, cropped cuts and silky-smooth texture. Ultrashort bobs are grazing jawlines of celebrities and influencers everywhere in social media, but you could go a bit longer and still stay true to the trend. Steal the look with a classic straight-edge crop featuring uniform length and a bold, clean perimeter. Dress it up with some fringe and style it straight with Redken Align 12 for a chic, sleek look and (almost) unbelievable shine.


The fringe factor

Unlike changing your color or chopping your locks, bangs are a great way to switch up your look without a major commitment. Curly, curtain, and baby bangs are all are trendy options that can be fashioned and styled to achieve different looks. For example, a delicate veil of wispy fringe can achieve a youthful look without the risk of grow-out remorse; however, if a bolder look is what you’re after, a blunt, modern cut won’t go unnoticed. Here are a few ideas to start:


  • Curly bangs: Along with jean jackets and oversized scrunchies, curly fringe is joining the ranks of revived 80’s trends—this time with a twist. Leave retro perms in the past and embrace natural-looking texture today for a modern bohemian vibe. Amp up the texture with a lightweight mousse for maximum curliness.
Model with a bob
Add some waves to a classic bob for a summer look that's easy to manage and anything but boring.
  • Curtain bangs: Soft, wispy, and gorgeous on all face shapes, curtain bangs are the bangs of today. This face-framing fringe features long, sweeping cuts along either side of the forehead, decorating your visage to highlight your best features—the eyes are the windows to the soul, after all, so it makes sense that bangs should be the drapery. For best results, style under a blow dryer with a soft, round brush, shaping each side into a soft ‘C’.

  • Baby bangs: The boldest option on our list, baby bangs are all about proportion. Typically cut at or above the brow, the position and edge of each baby bang can make a world of a difference in the final look. Diffusing the edges create a more playful look, while strong, clean lines create a bolder, blunter bang that screams “high-fashion”. Be sure to tell your stylist what you’re going for before she makes the cut. To keep your fringe in place, try a lightweight product like Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. This bestseller provides touchable hold while imparting a delightful fragrance and ample shine. Surprise perk: It even speeds up drying time.

Model with a buzz cut
Stay cool and low-maintenance all summer long with a buzz cut.

A men's summer classic

Gentlemen, now is the time to take it easy. So let your hair down, then shave it—you can rock a short cut and still stay on trend. Men are clipping their locks and keeping cool with buzz cuts this season. This no-nonsense look makes AM styling a breeze—provided you invest in the right professional products, of course. It’s still important to keep your scalp healthy, especially since it’ll be more exposed to the elements. But if you really want to capitalize on the convenience factor, maximize ease with a combo product like Redken Brews 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash to cover all of your bases in just one step.


Still want something to style?

Try a textured crop with a tight, tapered fade to get the time-saving short-hair benefits of the buzz-cut without sacrificing versatility. To clean it up in a flash, try working a bit of DESIGNLINE for Men Definition Paste through the top of your strands for an easy, breezy, modern finish that looks finished but still carefree.


Stay looking sharp this season with a short cut from one of our professional stylists. We have all the products and services you need to stay on top of your style all season long.

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