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Ready, Set, Glow: Winter Color Service Ideas
to Help Your Locks Shine

Hiding your hair under hats, hoodies, and headbands? Beat the winter hair blahs with a splash of color and shine. Here are a few color service ideas to help your hair sparkle through the year.


Ready, set, glow

Once we’ve officially swapped our sandals for snow boots, many of us may notice that our locks have completely lost their summer luster. If you miss your glistening, sun-kissed strands, try requesting a gloss treatment at your next appointment. This damage-free service can quickly restore your hair’s gleam, enhancing dimension, and replenishing shine to leave your mane looking glossy and gorgeous. Oh, and FYI: it won’t change your color—it’s like a top coat of polish that enhances your hue.


Add some magic

For a little extra “wow,” try shine with a little sparkle. This glazing service gives your hair all the polish of the standard gloss treatment, plus some extra tonality and light-catching shine. Like adding customized flavor to a basic glazed donut—lemon, orange, maple, etc.—we’ll add custom-tinted shimmer when glazing your hair. Give brunettes a pop of gold, gloss scarlet strands with copper shine, or paint blond curls with glossy pearl. Subtle and lustrous, the result will catch the light, polishing the hair’s original color while illuminating strands with ample shine. 


Rose color-serviced hair
From coral peach to rose quartz to dusty mauve, this is the winter to add a new dimension to your hair. (Just like this Signature Style stylist-created example.) 


...or go bold

Want to step into the year looking like a new you? Ask your stylist to tint your glaze with trendy tones—like a splash of rosé color or a brush of blush. This option gives you a fresh, new look with soft-washed color—no bleach, no dye. It works best on brighter strands. Light locks and highlights take on new life with barely-there pinks and powdery peach hues, but this popular service has a full spectrum of colors, from trendy coral peach and rose quartz to dusty mauve tones. And because it’s so subtle and gentle on strands, it’s works on hair of all types.


Bring a little joy to your locks and curls with a gorgeous gloss treatment from our specialists at Signature Style. Whether you’re looking for a little luster or some show-stopping shine, we’ll make sure your hair sparkles all season long.

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