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Lighten Up: Hair Color Tips for Spring

Spring is officially in full swing, which means longer days and brighter colors. This season of light might inspire you to brighten your mane to match, but before you do, be sure to talk to your stylist about how to prep and maintain your light, new look. Here are a few talking points to help get you started.


Treating your tresses

Treat your hair as you would anything you care for: with proper products and added attention. Look at your hair like a piece of art: a show-worthy piece, meant to be seen every day. If your canvas is in need of repair, the damage distracts from its beauty and hinders its charm. The most common complaints about color-treated hair are faded tones and lack of shine, both of which require restorative treatments. Like any prized possession, routine touch-ups are required to keep it looking lustrous and new.


The right kind of bright

For most people, bright is right, but some types and tones are just plain wrong.  Before you jump from midnight-black to baby blonde, talk to your stylist about your hair type and goals. If you have red brows and dream of going bronde (brunette + blonde), consider tinting your eyebrows to match—it’ll look more natural. If you’re looking to take your naturally dark hair ultra-light, be sure to ask your stylist how to go blonde the healthy way. Communication with your stylist is key in any color-change situation, so don’t skip this important step. After all, they want you to look your absolute best.

Hair model with blonde hair

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Let’s talk “technique”

Light hair might not be the best option for everyone right away, but there are a variety of alternatives that can add sparkle, shimmer, and light without bleaching or damaging your natural mane. Ask about foilyage techniques that change tone or enhance brightness for light-catching strands and eye-catching style. If your heart is set on lighter locks, consider babylights (fine, delicate highlights toward the scalp). Want more drama with great growout? Consider a trendy balayage for subtle, sun kissed strands with natural depth, or a flamboyage for an ombré finish at your ends. Not sure what these entail and if they're right for you? Ask your stylist; that's what they're there for!


Your insurance policy

Look at your new color as an investment—a gorgeous expense that should be cared for properly. We don’t often think about the “every-day-on-display” role our hair plays; however, we should really give it more attention and credit. After all, it’s our most noticeable, versatile accessory, and is affected by our every movement throughout the day—it never gets a break!


Every day our hair faces heat, breakage, sweat, tangles, and chemicals. Even as we sleep—unless we lie perfectly still—our hair takes a beating, and if your hair is color treated, the damage is amplified.


Offer your hair a little insurance policy with the right shampoos and conditioners like DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner to keep it looking great. Maximize your beauty investment by towel-drying between your shampoo-conditioner routine—just keep a dry washcloth or hand towel close by to blot dry (after shampooing) before applying your conditioner. Excess water dilutes the conditioner’s formula, preventing results and wasting valuable product. Blotting before conditioning is one of the best ways to care for color-treated hair and maximize your investment, so go ahead, take the extra step—you know you’re worth it.

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