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No Filter Necessary: How to Snap the Perfect Selfie

Nailing the perfect selfie is never easy – lighting, angles, settings and filters must all align just right to snap the perfect photo. Because of this, it seems like it takes 200 attempts to land "the shot"; however, with these tips and tricks, you may be able to map a shortcut to the perfect selfie. Collect scores of likes (and followers, too) with these simple tricks for taking perfect photos.


Lighting is key

It may seem obvious, but the key to stunning selfies begins with wow lighting. Start with natural light before working your way into more complicated fixtures. Even without a trace of makeup on, natural lighting can give you that sought-after celebrity glow. By all means, avoid fluorescent lighting at all costs – so skip the cubicle selfies. There’s a reason the pros only "selfie" during the coveted "golden hour", try snapping selfies in the morning when your makeup is fresh, your hair hasn’t yet been ravaged by the day, and the lighting hits just right. Trust us, you’ll notice a difference.


Get to know your angles

First off, don't meet your camera's gaze head-on. Instead of staying level with the lens, try holding the camera a bit above your head. Not only does this create an interesting dynamic at a flattering angle, it allows the light to better illuminate your best features. Second, know how to work your angles. Every face shape is different, but slightly tilting your chin down and raising your eyes to meet the lens somehow manages to work as a flattering angle on anyone. Try to put your "good side" forward with a slight head tilt, casually brushing your hair behind your ears or shoulders. This allows the camera to capture a super-angular effect, elongating the face and highlighting your best features without an ounce of Photoshop.

Model with brunette hair taking a selfie
Practice makes perfect when it comes to selfies. Try different angles and lighting situations to see what works best for you.


Strike a pose

If you want to take your selfie game next level, you better be willing to work it. Perfect your pout, arch your brows, rehearse your expressions, and find your smize ("smiling" with your eyes). If the candid-but-clearly-rehearsed look isn't your thing, be sure to look deep into the center of the camera lens – that's how all the top models get that dreamy stare. If you're feeling a bit shy and aren’t quite comfortable channeling your inner supermodel yet, throw on a pair of sunnies for a shortcut to the same effect. This way, the only thing you’ll really have to pose are your lips, just be sure you still work your signature angles.


Whether you somehow manage to snap the perfect pic the first try, or max out your phone's memory before landing the perfect one, practice makes the perfect selfie. Remember to be mindful of your background, play with your angles, and always smile like you mean it. Happy selfie-ing!

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