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Are Bangs Right for You?

When deciding on—or trying out—a new look like bangs, come to the salon prepared with two things: Know your level of commitment and bring a couple of pictures to your stylist of the look you’re going for.


Your level of commitment is based on how often you want to come back to the salon for a trim—short, soft, eyebrow-grazing looks call for a trim every three weeks. Softer side-swept fringe can be trimmed up during your next haircut six to eight weeks out, making them easier to maintain.

Are Bangs Right For You?

A real pro can tell you the perfect length and style for your face shape, helping you understand what will work best for you. The right bangs can bring out your best features and highlight your eyes, cheeks, and jawline.


Once cut, it may take a few days for your hair to learn how to lay the right way, since those hairs are used to being weighed down. To train your new fringe, use a tiny bit of styling gel or paste, like Redken Hardware or Redken Rough Paste, on damp hair. Also, use a round brush or paddle brush and dry them in the direction you want them to lay.


Bangs can add a cool and beautiful element to your look. If you're interested in adding bangs to your style, let your stylist know. They'll be able to tell if bangs are right for you.  

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