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Avoiding Hat Hair

Whether for warmth or style, wearing a hat has become a popular year-round wardrobe choice. The thing is, hats are problematic. They can create static, smoosh your carefully done style, and leave you feeling less than confident after taking it off. Fortunately, with some planning and a few well-chosen products, hat hair woes can become a thing of the past.


Create balance

It all begins with a great shampoo and conditioner that are right for the needs of your hair—whether it’s dry, oily, curly, or color treated. When your hair is healthy and has a balanced level of moisture, it’ll be less like to be problematic or experience annoying hat hair issues. Hair that has too much volume or is too dry, is prone to static and flyaways. But on the other hand, too much moisture can make hair feel heavy and flat. When you achieve a healthy balance, you are a lot less likely to experience these challenges.


Boost volume

When you take off your hat, has all the volume and life been flattened, like someone let the air out of a balloon? The best remedy is a volumizing and texturizing powder like DESIGNLINE Powder Boost Volumizer. The magic of these powders is that after its initial application, all it takes is a little scrunching, massaging, or tousling to recharge it and bring the volume back. So if you plan to be wearing a baseball hat, a wool beanie, or a wide-brimmed sun hat, make sure to use the volumizing powder so that when you take your hat off, all you need is a few casual scrunches or tousles to make your hair look great again—no one will know you were wearing a hat.

Hair model with stocking cap and scarf
One way to help your hair bounce back from hat-wearing woes is by using a volumizing product.


Stop static

If your hat challenge is with static and flyaway hairs, and that pesky feeling that your hair is standing on end after you’ve taken off your hat, give Redken One United a try. This all-in-one hair treatment is packed with benefits like conditioning and thermal protection, and it speeds up drying time, prevents split ends, and helps detangle. Use it before blow drying and style as usual, and then after styling, mist it onto your hands and run your hands through your hair. The double application will help your hair retain moisture, then protect it from developing flyaways or static.


If hat hair is a common challenge for you, mention it to your stylist. They'll have ideas and products that should help make wearing hats a lot less problematic for your hair and your style.  

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