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Two Days of Style: Braid, Then Waves

In the summer, or really anytime of the year, it’s important to give your hair a day off. When you forego washing your hair, and give it a day (or two) off from shampooing, it allows the natural oils of your hair to replenish, leaving your locks shinier and healthier. But that doesn’t mean these have to be bad-hair days. One of our favorite two-day hair looks for medium-to-long hair? Chic braids followed by carefree waves.
First, the braid...
Illustration of a woman with a braid
...then, the waves
Illustration of a woman with waves
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The braid how-to
Illustration of a braid how-to
1. After washing, blow or air-dry hair until it is 80 percent dry, then apply a golf-ball-size amount of mousse.
Illustration of a braid how-to
2. Part hair down the middle, and on each side begin braiding at the hairline.
Illustration of a braid how-to
3. Create a Dutch braid by crossing the three strands of the braid under each other, rather than over, for a three-dimensional look. (Or, if you prefer, you can create a French braid, with the same second-day results.)
Illustration of a braid how-to
4. Tame any flyaways with a finishing spray.
Illustration of a braid
5. The finished look is a chic, put-together style that can be worn pretty much anywhere. It's especially great for days when you’re active and busy, and want to keep your hair out of your face. At the end of the day, leave the braids in when you go to bed.
The waves how-to
Illustration of a woman with waves
1. In the morning, undo the braids and gently comb through hair with your fingers.
2. If your hair is naturally straight, spray hair with a texturizing spray, like Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray, and scrunch hair to re-activate the waves. If your hair is naturally wavy or curl, take control of the added waves with an oil or serum, like Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, to smooth and add shine.
3. Finish your look with a bit of dry shampoo, which will soak up any excess oil and add texture and volume to your roots, for a perfectly tousled look.
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