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Six Must-Have, Stylist-Selected Tools and Brushes

A good hair day doesn’t just happen. It takes time, effort, and the right tools to create a look you love. But with an endless number of styling tools available, it can be hard to tell the difference between a worthy investment and something that will just gather dust in your bathroom. Don’t waste time and money on the wrong tools. Instead, use this stylist-recommend list of must-have tools to create your perfect style.
Illustration of a dryer

Ionic Blow Dryer

They’re not all created equal, and the packaging tends to use a lot of confusing mysterious buzz words. Look for an ionic blow dryer. And if it comes with a variety of attachments, even better. (More about those below.) 
Illustration of a flat iron

Flat Iron

It’s a great tool to smooth or even curl your hair. For most hair types and lengths, a 1- or 1.5-inch plate is your best bet because it’s small enough to create curls but still wide enough to quickly straighten. Look for ceramic or titanium flat irons because they seal in moisture and make the strands shiny.
Illustration of blow dryer attachments

Blow Dryer Attachments

To get the best results from your blow drying, use an attachment. The three most common are the concentrator, the diffuser, and the pick. A concentrator speeds up drying time and helps create a smoother finish, while it's just the opposite for the diffuser and pick: they add volume and can aid in keeping frizz at bay while enhancing your curls and waves.
Illustration of a curling wand and glove

Curling Wand and Glove

Create relaxed waves that look more natural, and mimic your natural texture, by wrapping hair around the curling wand. You'll want to wear the often-included glove while wrapping. It's easy to accidentally touch the hot wand. And while they can be used to create ringlets or more polished curls, a wand excels at creating a soft, beachy type of wave. (And just a heads up: They're sometimes called "clipless irons.") 
Illustration of a Wet Brush

The Wet Brush

A new and gentle way to detangle your hair right out of the shower, the Wet Brush glides through wet hair without causing stress or damage—or pain. And it’s great tool to use on your kid’s hair for tear-free brushing.
Illustration of a vent brush

Vent Brush

By allowing air to flow through the paddle, the vent brush creates a fuller, shinier style in less time than a solid paddle brush. For an even smoother end result, make sure to use it with the blow dryer’s concentrator attachment.
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