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The Perfect Pony

The ponytail is a classic look that works from day to night, and it doesn’t take long to style. Creating a perfect pony that’s smooth and sleek can be done in just a few minutes.

Make it preppy

For the prep school high pony, start with clean, dry hair and brush it straight back using a boar-bristle brush, which is gentle on all hair types. Next, gather the nape and sides and use buildable hair spray like Paul Mitchell Worked Up Hairspray to mist and tame flyaways. Continue to brush and mist until your base is super slick. Secure it and you’re ready to roll.


Keep it casual

For the messy, lived-in pony, you’ll want to prep your hair with root-lifting powder (we love Sexy Hair Powder Play) and backcomb your roots. Gather hair loosely at the nape and secure—go ahead and skip the brush, simply using your hands. Then, piece and twist to create intentional flyaways.


The right holder

Make sure to use the right elastic as well—try using continuous bands that are soft and super stretchy versus ones that are plastic or have metal clamps.

Paul Mitchell Worked Up Hairspray
When you're looking for slick look, keep flyaways at bay with hairspray.

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