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Refresh Your Summer Routine

If you want to enjoy the rituals of summer— long days in the sun, lounging by the pool, iced coffee in-hand—but want to avoid that crunchy feeling you get after a day or two or salt water or chlorine, make sure you follow this easy summer routine.

Purify regularly

One of the worst things we subject our hair to is pool water. The chemicals coat hair strands, and if left until your hair dries it can deplete your moisture level and promote split ends. After a dip in the pool, you should cleanse twice and condition with moisturizing conditioner.


Cover it up

If you are going to get two or more hours of sun exposure, it’s really important to protect your skin and your hair. Apply sunscreen regularly and use hair products with UV protection. And an oversized sun hat never hurt anyone.


Schedule at least two trims this season

Because of extended sun exposure in the summer months, hair tends toward dryness and breakage this time of year. To keep your ends tidy and healthy, it definitely doesn’t hurt to plan for your next couple of salon visits. Pencil it in your to-do list to keep your hair looking its best.

Paul Mitchell The Conditioner
Keeping your hair conditioned is one of the most important steps to great summer hair. Choose one with strong moisturizing properties like Paul Mitchell The Conditioner.

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