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One Tool, Three Styles

The flat iron is the ultimate DIY tool for a number of cool looks. To master it takes a bit of time, but practice makes perfect, right?


To get started, prep your hair with a thermal styling primer, like DESIGNLINE Hot Stop Style Primer, and get ready to make some waves. Here are our top three favorite looks to create with a flat iron (using a 1” flat iron with round edges is ideal to achieving these styles).


Drop Curl

The drop curl is a soft, romantic look that can be done on shoulder-grazing to extra-long hair. Start with one-inch sections around your face, wrap each section around the iron starting about mid-strand, and quickly slide the tool out of the curl before it sets into a spiral. Brush through with your fingers once your hair is cooled and finish with light-hold hairspray. We love Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light Hairspray.

Signature style hair model with curled ends


The spiral is a bit more involved, but if you want a set that lasts all day and night, take the time to separate out smaller sections. Start about an inch from the roots and hold the iron vertically, and move down your hair slowly. Allow each section to set and cool, then top off each curl with finishing wax like Paul Mitchell Spray Wax. Or you can just spritz with Redken Quick Dry 18 hairspray to keep curls intact with a softer finish.


Soft Wave

The soft wave starts about an inch or two from the roots. Rotate your wrist toward your head, angling the iron down. Slide it an inch or two down at this angle, and rotate your wrist in the other direction, so the iron is angled up. Slide it an inch or two down at this angle, and rotate your wrist again. Repeat until you reach the end of your hair. Once the set is cooled, shake it, flip it, and rough it up for a bedhead finish with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray.

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