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How-To: Going Blonde

If the arrival of summer has inspired you to get a new sunny hue, it's the perfect time to find out what actually goes into the process of going blonde. It's important to learn what questions to ask yourself and your stylist, and what things to think about before you take the plunge. With this info in hand, you're much more likely to love your new sun-kissed look all season long.

Thinking about a budget

Just as you plan a budget for buying a car or a house, it’s helpful to decide how much you’re comfortable spending on your hair color. As you discuss color options, ask your stylist how the color will grow out, what will be needed to maintain the color, and what costs to anticipate.


If there’s a great contrast between your natural color and the lightened color, your roots will be more visible than if you only go a few shades lighter. How you feel about having visible roots? How much time and money are you ok with spending on touch-ups? If you take the time to think through these factors, you’ll feel more confident with the final result.


Changing colors

The technology and methodology of hair color has made great advancements in the last few years, making it possible to go blonde in a variety of different ways. From all over color to classic highlights, ombre to balayage, you can get creative in how you lighten your locks. It’s important to discuss what look you want in detail with your stylist—and it’s even better to bring photos—so that your stylist is able to create the lighter style you desire.


The treatments used for the “blonding” process can vary depending on your hair’s length, color, and health. Generally, a stylist will use a one or two products to lighten your hair and then apply color. The time needed can vary as well, so talk with your stylist about what process they’ll use and how long it will take. It'll help you avoid any surprises.

Signature Style hair model with blonde hair
Going blonde doesn't just mean all over color. Highlights can add sun-kissed depth and dimension.  

Redken Extreme Mega Mask
Color-treated hair has a tendency to dry out more easily. An intense conditioning treatment like Redken Extreme Mega Mask can help.

Giving it some TLC

To keep lightened hair looking its best, start by using color-safe shampoos and conditioners like DESIGNLINE Super Silver, Redken Color Extend Magnetics, or Paul Mitchell Color Protect. They're gentler on color-treated hair and can help to prevent your new color from looking brassy.


Lightened hair has a tendency to dry out and lose its shine, so keep it hydrated with a weekly conditioning mask like It’s a 10 Miracle Mask or Redken Extreme Mega Mask. Be careful about hot tools—a heat protectant like Redken Iron Shape, DESIGNLINE Hot Stop, or Kenra Thermal Spray can be helpful.


Sun exposure can also do a number on blonde hair. Use products that protect from UVA and UVB rays, or even better, wear a hat or scarf. And finally, wetting your hair before getting in the pool can help safeguard your hair from chlorine damage by wetting your hair before getting in the pool.

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