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Travel Tips and Must-Have Products

Keeping your hair and makeup looking fresh and flawless both during and after a long trip is no easy feat. Long flights and environment changes present a slew of irritating beauty problems that can leave your skin dry, your hair flat, and your ends splitting. Who knew vacationing could be so taxing on our style? No one wants to arrive at their destination desperately looking to book their next blowout, so we’ve compiled a few travel tips and tricks to ensure your hair stays as smooth as your flight.

Pack for your environment

For efficient packing, picture the surroundings you’ll inhabit over the next few days. Imagine what you’ll be doing. Will you be lounging in the tropics, with a book in your hands and sand between your toes, or will you be up in the mountains, sipping cocoa between a frost-paned window and a roaring fire? Is it chilly or warm? Dry or humid? It’s important to ask yourself all of these questions, as their answers will have an impact on your locks and the products you'll need.


Sun protection matters

If you’re out in the sun, sport a hat to minimize styling time and for protection from those UV rays—they don't just harm your skin, they're hard on your hair, too.


Waves aren't just on the water

If you love the messy beach wave look, DESIGNLINE Dry Shampoo Style Refresher provides weightless humidity and frizz resistance for a manageable, messy look, and weightless bounce that lasts all day. Quickly spritz and tousle your tresses for beautiful, beachy waves fit for any tropical getaway. Oh, and an added bonus? It also serves as a color protector; so you can give that vacation hat a break.


Signature Style hair model with long, brunette hair
Sun protection isn't just for your skin. Guard your hair from sun damage with a hat—or the right products.
Get weightless control and lasting shine from DESIGNLINE Silk Drops.

Here are a few more travel must-haves to fix and assist in any styling situation throughout your vacation:


Planning on a date-night after a dip in the pool? After rinsing out the chlorine, restore your hair’s balance with Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer Cream before blow-drying for controlled, silky locks that shine throughout the night.


Dry-hair frizz darkening your day? Humid air making your hair feel heavy? Try DESIGNLINE Silk Drops for a quick fix without the weight. It's the perfect product to protect, smooth, and manage your hair for weightless control and lasting shine.


Whether your travels take you to Cali or Cancun, Aruba or Aspen, make sure you plan and prep your gorgeous hair for head-turning style from here to there. Stop by your local Signature Style salon for a fresh cut and personalized hair management tips to help make sure you travel with style.

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