Full-on Curls


This cut is a classic bob shape that is texture-cut through the ends to create separation in the curls.

This shape and style is romantic and can be worn casually for the day and can go straight into date night. Ladies love the textured bob shape because it’s easy to maintain and looks great even while it grows out. Plus, it compliments all face shapes.

This look is cut squarely at the collarbone or just below the chin. Unlike traditional layering, the length of theses layers are kept long to maintain fullness. This style works for all hair textures, from straight to curly, because it can be worn beautifully both curled and smooth.


On dry hair, mist DESIGNLINE Hot Stop Style Primer on 2-inch sections. Wrap hair around a large curling iron and set hair with single prong clips. Once cooled, release curls and finger-comb through.

For a second style with this cut, tie your hair into a loose low side bun for a fun, flirty twist on this classic shape.

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